One plus official: one plus 8 can brush coloros

According to the news on March 22, one plus official announced in one plus community that one plus 8 mobile phones are now ready to try the coloros system. According to the official news, at present, the official system only supports the domestic version of oneplus 8. For the adaptation plan of other models, please pay attention to the new product launch of oneplus 9 series.

And one plus official tip:

1. This version is a trial version of coloros, and the system stability may have some potential risks and poor experience.

2. At present, this version only supports the domestic version of oneplus 8, and can be swiped back to the one plus system later.

3. Update this version and rollback version will cause all mobile phone data to be cleared, please make sure to backup the data in advance!

4. This version needs to be swiped by computer. Please make sure that the operating system of the computer is windows 10.

5. After upgrading to the original version of coloros, the subsequent OTA upgrade is not possible, so you need to brush the machine again through tools.

See the figure below for more details


Author: Chen Zihong



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