Tencent music and Huayan international music reach cooperation

Driving China March 2, 2021 Tencent Entertainment Group, China’s online music entertainment platform, announced today that it has reached in-depth strategic cooperation with Huayan international music, a music production and performance agency. Huayan international music will be fully launched on tme’s QQ music, kugou music, KuWo music, national karaoke and other platforms.


It is understood that Huayan international music was founded in 1995, and now has a large number of powerful Chinese singers and musicians, such as Lin Yujia, power train, Yu Kewei, F.I.R., Yan Yige, Zhou Hui, Geng Sihan, etc. According to the agreement, “lie”, “cruel Moonlight”, “little luck” and other classic popular Chinese music works will be launched on tme’s QQ music, cool dog music, cool me music, national karaoke and other platforms.

Tencent music has reached a strategic cooperation with Japan’s being company, which will open legitimate audio sources to China for the first time. Being owns the music copyright of Cang Mu Ma Yi, Sakai Quan Shui, ohai Moji and other artists, as well as the theme song and epilogue of many classic animations such as “Detective Conan”, “slam dunk master”, “Dragon Ball”, “cherry ball”.

In addition, Tencent music has launched in-depth cooperation with the three major record companies in the world, including universal, Warner and Sony.



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