Xianju Red Bayberry and Guangming cold drink join hands, Guangming dairy cold drink layout innovation



Each local specialty embodies the customs of all parties. In order to let nature’s gifts cross the boundaries of region and season, and let Chinese people appreciate the customs of different places from the tip of their tongue, on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Guangming dairy’s history and the 70th anniversary of Guangming brand, Guangming cold drink, a national cold drink brand of Guangming dairy, launched its annual heavyweight new product “Yizhi Yangmei”, which is a specialty of Xianju County, Zhejiang Province, and innovated “Bingbing Yangmei fruit” Give back to the people. Use a different feeling of ice to ignite this summer.

Guangming cold drink “a branch of red bayberry” is made of real materials, blooming the original taste of red bayberry


One side of the hill raises one side of the plum. It is the so-called “world bayberry in China, Chinese bayberry out of Zhejiang, Zhejiang bayberry number Xianju”. In order to let more people taste the authentic bayberry flavor, feel the product culture of Xianju, Bayberry and popsicle had a sweet “hand in hand”. Guangming cold drink, together with the local government and Zhejiang yangbaili Biotechnology Co., Ltd., after repeated trials, finally developed this “Popsicle” bayberry “Fruit” – a branch of red bayberry.

“Yizhi Yangmei” is totally different from the existing “Yangmei flavor Popsicle” in the market. It has been optimized and upgraded in taste, formula, packaging design and other aspects. “Yizhiyangmei” is named after quantifiable products to create a delicious Association of authentic materials and rich flavor for the people. It is also the high confidence of Guangming cold drink in the authentic materials and flavor of “yizhiyangmei”. “Yizhi Yangmei” makes Yangmei full of real pulp and juice in a new form. The content of Yangmei juice is up to 30%, which perfectly restores the original ecological taste of Xianju Yangmei. “A branch of red bayberry” is soft and dense. When it is bitten into the mouth, the taste of sour and sweet mixed with the pulp particles blooms the most original taste of red bayberry, bringing unprecedented ice experience to the taste buds and meeting everyone’s expectations.


It is commendable that the product packaging of “a branch of red bayberry” is inspired by Chinese watercolor painting. The poetic red bayberry on the branch shows the cultural style of Xianju as the “hometown of red bayberry”. The painting style is simple and conforms to the aesthetic tendency of young people. As the first popsicle product in 2021, Guangming cold drink is constantly integrating Guangming’s own cultural ideas into its products from an innovative perspective, and passing on Chinese product culture with practical actions. What it eats is sour and sweet, and what it reads is the product story between heaven and earth in China.

“One city, one thing” brand new product strategy released, bright cold drinks create classic Chinese style again

Everyone has a unique memory of summer. Since the birth of “Guangming brand” popsicle, the national brand that created China’s cold drink industry, has become one of the most important tastes of Chinese people in summer. It has accompanied the growth of generations of Chinese people with classics. In 2020, Guangming cold drink will launch the brand slogan “Guangming cold drink, a cold drink with temperature”. This slogan continues Guangming dairy’s enterprise vision of “let more people feel delicious and healthy happiness”, inherits the tongue memory of “Guangming brand” and the gene and responsibility of China’s time-honored brands, continuously promotes brand upgrading and rejuvenation, and leads the healthy development of the whole cold drink industry.

In 2021, Guangming cold drink put forward a new product strategy – “one city, one thing” sustainable innovation strategy, introducing high-quality products from all over the world as raw materials to create high-quality innovative products. “One city, one thing” project logo, with Chinese traditional seal as the design element, integrates the beautiful Chinese regional customs into the calligraphy characteristic “one city, one thing” font, implying the determination to carry forward and inherit the high-quality products through the new life form. With the release of the “one city, one thing” logo, Guangming cold drink has officially opened the curtain of the new journey of creating era classics. Guangming cold drink will start to promote the innovation of new products with Chinese well-known products as the core year by year in 2021, continuously create new classic products in the new era, vigorously promote Chinese well-known products, and build a national brand.

In the future, Bright Dairy will continue to adhere to the quality as always, continue to explore the new vitality of the national trend with innovation, and increase the layout of cold drinks, so as to bring consumers a “warm” tongue experience, and contribute a bright force to the inheritance and innovation of Chinese product culture and the national internal circulation, so as to make more people feel comfortable Enjoy the delicious and healthy food.

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