The world’s first notebook product line has updated the DYNABOOK port é g é x30w-j new product evaluation

In 1985, Toshiba launched its first portable computer, the t1100, which is regarded as the prototype of the current notebook computer. In 1989, Toshiba developed the world’s first notebook computer DYNABOOK j-3100ss001. After years of development, the notebook computer has penetrated into everyone’s life.

As a well deserved veteran in the notebook industry, DYNABOOK port é g é x30w-j notebook, the latest product, was launched not long ago. As the world’s first high-end notebook brand, what surprises will DYNABOOK bring to users after 35 years of technology precipitation? Let’s evaluate it today.

My first impression of this Evo platform certified notebook with the 11th generation intel core processor is light. The x30w-j fuselage is made of magnesium alloy, which can effectively reduce the weight of the fuselage while ensuring enough firmness and reliability. From the figure below, we can see that the weight of x30w-j fuselage is only about 951g.

Moreover, this notebook supports 360 ° flip, and the random switching of notebook mode, desktop mode, presentation mode, appreciation mode and tablet mode can bring users a more comfortable experience.

X30w-j magnesium alloy metal fuselage, dark gray color matching and simple design style interweave the metallic luster, making the fuselage full of metallic texture. The white metal logo in the middle of the a side of the fuselage is in sharp contrast with the dark color fuselage, which not only improves the recognition of the x30w-j, but also brings a touch of flexibility to the x30w-j.

As a flip notebook, the x30w-j is equipped with a 13.3-inch sharp igzo LCD touch screen, supplemented by a 5.07mm narrow frame design, which makes up 82% of the screen.

And after Spyder’s test, we can find that the color gamut of this screen reaches 99% sRGB, and the maximum brightness reaches 418.

X30w-j can choose 4096 pressure sensitive touch pen. When writing with the touch pen, x30w-j will automatically disable the keyboard to prevent the use from being affected by touching. Of course, when the stylus leaves the screen, the keyboard can automatically recover, providing great convenience for users’ daily use.

When it comes to keyboards, we have to say that DYNABOOK is equipped with a specially designed keyboard based on the width of the Oriental’s palm, supplemented by ergonomic analysis. Compared with the traditional key cap, the area of key cap is increased by 20%, and the space area is increased by 32%. The key feedback is clear, the key stroke is long, and the keyboard is close to silent, so it has excellent experience in long-time input and use.

When we carefully observe the C side of the x30w-j, we will find that a camera is placed on the x30w-j above the keyboard. This camera can be used as a rear camera in tablet mode.

The camera at the top of the screen (front camera) supports hd1280x720 pixels, and is equipped with a physical shutter switch and optional face recognition function.

The camera on the top of the keyboard (rear camera) supports 8 megapixel afcamera, and the resolution reaches the level of 3280×2464. The built-in Intel ipu6imaqing processor and AR layer lens cover can bring users clearer video images.

For DYNABOOK, security is always a priority. Internal BIOS enhanced security, enterprise encryption, face recognition and fingerprint recognition, and physical shutter switch of camera all show the powerful security of x30w-j notebook.

Complete interface has always been a highlight of “Japanese” laptop, x30w-j is no exception. There are 2 thunderbolt 4, 1 hdmi1.4, 1 usb3.1, 1 headphone interface and 1 microSD card. In addition, on the premise of ensuring the number and types of interfaces, the x30w-j fuselage is light enough, with the fuselage thickness only about 18mm. With Bluetooth 5.1 and WiFi 6, the expansibility of x30w-j is further enhanced.

Among the many properties of notebook computer, performance has always been the foundation of calming the nerves. On the premise that the performance can meet the daily needs of users, other attributes such as lightness and appearance value have meaning. The x30w-j not only has a light body, but also has reached the first-line level in hardware.

The core i7-1165g7 carried by x30w-j has 4 cores, 8 threads, 28w, 4.7ghz single core and 4.1ghz full core. The irisxe core graphics card based on the xelp architecture has 96 EU units, with a maximum frequency of 1350mhz. In addition, x30w-j is also equipped with lpddr4x4266mhz memory, maximum support 32g, and 1TB SSD hard disk. This hardware configuration brings powerful performance support for x30w-j.

In the test of cinebench R23, x30w-j achieved good results of multi core: 4743pts and single core: 1451pts. Especially for single core, the performance of i7-1165g7 has surpassed that of i9-9880h.

After nearly 40 minutes of copying machine test, the power consumption of core i7-1165g7 on x30w-j is stable at about 18W. After 40 minutes of copying machine test, we find that the surface temperature distribution of x30w-j is very reasonable. The maximum temperature in keyboard area is no more than 38 ℃, and the temperature in WASD area is about 36 ℃. Long time work will not affect the use experience because of too high temperature.

In the test of nightraid (directx12) in 3dmark, x30w-j got 1740 excellent results.

And in pcmark10 test, we choose the test mode for modern office scenes, including web browsing, video conference, application startup, office software, photo video editing and rendering, etc. In this test, x30w-j scored 4069 and performed well.

In the endurance test of pcmark10, we turn off WiFi and Bluetooth, the screen brightness is 100%, and the endurance time of x30w-j test reaches 8h29min in high performance mode. Nearly 9 hours of uninterrupted office time is enough to meet the daily work needs of most people.

Not only that, x30w-j also supports fast charging, and 40% of the power can be recovered within 30 minutes after entering the power supply. It allows users to recover the power of the notebook to a safe level during the break time. Pconline summary

After more than 30 years of precipitation, the high-end product line of Toshiba, once the “father of notebook computers”, once again presents DYNABOOK to Chinese consumers with a new look. This time, DYNABOOK port é g é x30w-j adheres to its traditional craftsmanship spirit, controls the body weight within 1kg, and also carries technologies such as oversized keycap keyboard based on ergonomic design and self-developed BIOS enhancement, which fully shows DYNABOOK’s attention to Chinese consumers. I believe that such an excellent DYNABOOK port é g é x30w-j will be recognized by consumers.

Author: Zhao Danyang



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