Preparing for the ice test in Beijing Winter Olympic Games

Beijing business daily (reporter Tao Feng, Wang chenting) on the afternoon of March 4, the “ice ribbon” of the national speed skating hall, the landmark venue of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, was full of popularity. The Winter Olympic project builders from BOCOG, Beijing major project office and Beijing ice sports venues jointly cleaned up the internal and external environment of the venues to prepare for the “meet Beijing” ice sports test activity which will start in April this year. On the evening of March 3, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily had an exclusive interview with Wang Yanxia, Vice Minister of the sports department of the Organizing Committee for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games.

“Today is the 338 day countdown to the Winter Olympics. The preparations for the Winter Olympic Games are progressing according to the plan and have now reached the stage of test readiness. ” At the beginning of the interview, Wang Yanxia accurately reported the countdown time of the Winter Olympics.

In the test readiness stage, the basic planning and special plan stage have been successfully completed, and the third stage of preparation for the Winter Olympic Games has arrived. This phase will last until September 2021, after which the race time operation phase will come. In this stage, a series of test events will be held to test the policies and processes formulated by various business areas at the venue level, so as to prepare for the Winter Olympics.

In fact, the competition venues have been delivered to the whole, and the organization of events and service guarantee are all advancing according to the plan. Due to the influence of COVID-19 and the restrictions of international travel, athletes from all over the world are very hard to come to China to participate in the competition, so the original test match is forced to be postponed or cancelled. In order to test the operation of the venue, we have organized a series of test activities. ” Wang Yanxia told reporters that test activities can not replace test events, but at the present stage, the competition venues have been delivered, and they need to be tested through the event activities to see whether each work process is reasonable, whether the relevant business areas are connected smoothly, and whether the hardware and software facilities of the venues are operating normally.

The reporter noticed that from the fifth day of the lunar new year to the Lantern Festival, the test activity of “meet Beijing” for the first simulation test of the Winter Olympics has just ended in Yanqing and Zhangjiakou competition areas of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Within 10 days, 20 tests were conducted in three competition venues. According to reports, in this test, Beijing and Zhangjiakou have set up urban operation support headquarters. After joint training, the competition organization and urban operation service support are further integrated to make the future competition operation more seamless and lay a good foundation for the next stage.

However, Wang Yanxia also mentioned that these test activities can not replace the formal test events. “According to the plan, we will organize some test events in the second half of this year, which are all international events. Relevant parties will assess the impact of the epidemic in advance to determine whether the event can be held as scheduled. “

Wang Yanxia also mentioned the opportunities brought by the Winter Olympics for Beijing. “I think the impact of the Winter Olympics on Beijing and Zhangjiakou is very far-reaching. The most direct impact is to promote the popularization of ice and snow sports. When we successfully applied for the Winter Olympic Games, the foundation of our ice and snow sports was very weak, and the national teams for some events had not yet been formed. Through seven years of preparation, ice and snow sports have been developed by leaps and bounds. The population of ice and snow sports is still increasing, and it may reach a peak at the Winter Olympics. “

As for the “Olympic heritage” formed during the preparation of the Winter Olympic Games and after the holding of the Winter Olympic Games in the future, Wang Yanxia believes that the venues, talents, ideas and spirit formed during the preparation of the Winter Olympic Games will be used by and benefit the people. The preparation of the Winter Olympic Games always adheres to the concept of “green, sharing, open and clean”. After the end of the Winter Olympic Games, these concepts will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

As a representative of the sports sector of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference, Wang Yanxia also shared her proposal with reporters. Based on last year’s research results, she submitted a proposal on the comprehensive and healthy development of teenagers. “I mainly put forward suggestions from the perspective of sports management. First, I suggest increasing the supply of sports fitness facilities, especially the construction of sports facilities in residential communities. In fact, there are requirements for this in relevant plans and documents, but some places have not implemented them in place. Second, it is suggested that efforts should be made to improve the level of physical education in primary and secondary schools, with a strong team of physical education teachers. Third, it is suggested that the competition system for primary and secondary school students should be improved, so as to build a platform for primary and secondary school students to show their competitive sports level. “

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