Sk Hynix: DRAM will enter the process below 10nm in the future

March 22 news, in the recent World Institute of electrical and electronics (IEEE) International reliability Seminar (IRPs), SK Hynix representative president Li Xixi said: in the future, the material of memory will be changed, and the design structure and reliability will be further improved.


According to sk Hynix, the manufacturing process of DRAM products will be gradually promoted to 10nm and below in the future.

As for NAND products, SK Hynix believes that the future NAND products will be stacked up to more than 600 layers, and will achieve a super large capacity of yuan over HDD (mechanical hard disk). And according to it, “by 2030, replacing hard disks (HDDs) in all data centers around the world with low-power SSDs will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 41 million tons.”

Author: Chen Zihong



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