Every step is a billion colors, find X3 series announced new warm-up posters

On March 3, it was reported that oppo officially published and prepared posters for the find X3 series on the social platform. According to the contents of the posters, oppo find X3 series will first be equipped with a full link 10bit color engine. From shooting, storage to display, every step is one billion colors, which is the real one billion colors, realizing a new breakthrough in mobile phone color.

每一步都是10亿色,Find X3系列公布新预热海报

Why does oppo claim that its full link color management system is a breakthrough? Let’s take a look at the current color management technology. At this stage, our commonly used colors have sRGB, Adobe RGB, dci-p3, NTSC and other different color modes. If these color modes are displayed on the devices with different color modes, if they are mapped directly according to the coordinate system without the conversion of color management technology, all kinds of color deviations will occur, and the original color cannot be displayed correctly. And between these colors there are 8bit, 10bit and other color depth conversion. Then at this time, we need a set of color management system to restore between colors, in order to show the accurate colors that should be presented for us.

每一步都是10亿色,Find X3系列公布新预热海报

It is understood that oppo find X3 will be equipped with a full link color management system, with the ability to cover the whole 10bit image processing link of acquisition, coding, storage, decoding and display, so as to solve the problem of color loss caused by image data transmission between mobile phone links. In addition, oppo find X3 series will also have other excellent experiences to continuously enable and bring users a better experience.

On March 11, oppo find X3 series will officially hold a press conference for all the friends who are looking forward to it.

Author: Chen Zihong



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