Chrome black technology is awesome! Show you how to turn on chrome real time subtitles

Recently, Google released a new version of chrome 89, bringing a new black technology – real-time subtitles! As the name suggests, this function can generate subtitles for web videos in real time. When you open a video website and play videos, chrome can automatically recognize the audio and generate subtitles! Although the current function only supports English, considering that Google itself is the provider of the best quality automatic translation function, in the future, the function will be combined with Google real-time translation, and it will definitely go to a higher level! Today, let’s take a look at how to turn on Chrome’s real-time subtitle function.

First, we need to update to chrome 89. Open chrome, click the menu button in the toolbar, and find “about Google Chrome” in the “help” column. The current version information of chrome will be displayed and the update will be checked automatically. Chrome update uses domestic CDN, so network connection is not a problem.

First, you need to update to chrome 89

Then, go to the settings menu of chrome and find “accessibility” in “advanced”. In it, you can see the “subtitle” option.

Find “subtitles” here

Click “subtitle” to set the real-time subtitle function. When the real-time subtitle switch is turned on, chrome will automatically download the required resources. After that, the real-time subtitle function will take effect! In this page, you can also set the text size, font, color, transparency and other features of subtitles, which you can customize according to your own needs.

Detailed setting of real time subtitles

Let’s see how real-time subtitles work. The real-time subtitle function can be automatically activated by recognizing the video in the web page. It is not limited to a specific website. Foreign youtube, domestic bilibilibili and so on can all use chrome real-time subtitle. When we open an English video of station B, we can see the floating real-time subtitles at the bottom of the browser. The accuracy is pretty good!

Auto generated subtitles

In general, chrome’s real-time subtitle function is quite good. In fact, similar functions have been equipped in Android system, and some mobile phones in China support corresponding functions, even Chinese. I hope Chrome’s real-time subtitles can also support Chinese and even translation as soon as possible, so as to bring a better experience!

Author: Aimo



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