Kangbach honeycomb pot protects healthy diet in spring

Spring is the time for all things to recover. With the germination of all things in the body, the grass grows and flowers bloom, which contains the vitality. But in early spring, the transition from cold to warm is more likely to be plagued by diseases. So in early spring, eat more nutritious food, enhance their immunity, make the body stronger, less sick. Kangbach high-quality honeycomb pot is more suitable for cooking tonic food, adding health to your kitchen.


With “honeycomb etching technology”, frying pan can also become extraordinary

In 1954, in order to solve the problem of sticking to the pot, Teflon was sprayed on the surface of the pot and a chemical coating was invented. After 60 years, kangbach used honeycomb concave convex structure to separate food from anti sticking layer, effectively solving the problem of spatula falling off from coating.

“Honeycomb pot” gets its name from “honeycomb etching technology”. “Honeycomb etching technology” draws lessons from the etching process, which can etch the concave and convex fine texture in the pot wall. Among them, the protruding part forms a honeycomb network structure without coating, which separates the spatula and the anti sticking layer, and is not afraid of frying with metal spatula, which effectively solves the problem that the coating is easy to fall off, and protects the consumer’s diet health; moreover, under the high temperature, the honeycomb texture depression will form a high-temperature water vapor film, which is between the food material and the bottom of the pot, and the food material is heated evenly, making the cooking easier The cooking process is easier.

In addition to “honeycomb etching technology”, kangbach also attaches great importance to the selection of kitchen utensils. The multi-layer stainless steel structure is used to improve the heat resistance and heat resistance of the cooking pot.


All kinds of Chinese kitchenware upgrade, kangbach changes Chinese kitchen

Kangbach hopes that every Chinese family can enjoy high-quality kitchenware, so as to experience the improvement of the quality of life. Kangbach’s innovation is not only reflected in the innovation of honeycomb technology, but also in the innovation of categories. Kangbach’s products almost cover all kinds of kitchen utensils. In addition to the comba Hyatt kitchen honeycomb pot well known by consumers, there are also double-sided frying pan, antibacterial stainless steel plate, baby auxiliary food pan, European steamer and other products.

For example, the double-sided frying pan is suitable for frying eggs and steaks. The design of energy gathering ring at the bottom makes the heat conduction faster and more uniform. The honeycomb texture in the pan is covered to prevent food from pasting. The antibacterial stainless steel double-sided chopping board is made of antibacterial stainless steel material, which can prevent bacteria from the source of food materials, prevent diseases from entering the mouth, and provide health protection umbrella for family members. The children’s auxiliary food pan is small and lovely, which is specially designed for children Special purpose, more can ensure the healthy growth of the baby; all-round steamer one pot enough for the whole family to use, two to four layer size adjustable, steaming and boiling can also stew, one pot multi-purpose, save time and energy. The above products are essential for almost every Chinese family, not just stir fry, but kangbach hopes that every aspect of cooking can be more wonderful.

With the change of social concept, people pay more and more attention to health, “health” has become a popular topic among people regardless of age and region. Such concept innovation also exerts a subtle influence on people’s diet concept. “Health” diet is inseparable from a good pot of high quality. From today on, let kangbach honeycomb pot protect your diet health.



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