Take this list of good things and be a delicate girl at the beginning of the school season

Half of March has passed. I think you fairies have come back to school one after another. How many of you, like me, always set up a flag before the beginning of the new semester? This semester, I want to change my mind and be a delicate girl no matter in my study or in my life! Delicacy is not only reflected in the mental outlook, but also in the quality of life. How can we use the good things around us to set off our delicacy? Today, I’ll bring you this list of good things to grow grass, to help you easily become a delicate girl in the beginning of the school season.

Microsoft Surface laptopgo

Will the courses and work be a little busy at the beginning of school? It seems that the holiday just ended was still yesterday, and the course work, student organization work, community activities and internships have been placed in front of me. The bewildered fairies certainly need a right-hand assistant who can help them, a learning and office artifact that can be used at any time. Does something like this exist? Of course! That’s it: Microsoft Surface laptop go!

For hardworking girls, bulky notebook is definitely not the first choice for mobile office learning. This lightweight and affordable surfacelaptopgo, weighing only 1.11kg, can be easily carried anywhere: dormitory, classroom, library, office, coffee shop… Anytime, anywhere, you can open it to work and study, and you won’t be tired with it all day. Windows Hello fingerprint identification boot button for one click login, boot does not need to enter a complex password, simple and convenient and privacy protection.

Since it can be carried with you, the endurance must be the top priority. Surface laptopgo can be used normally for up to 13 hours, and the battery can be charged up to 80% after one hour of fast charging. You don’t have to worry about the lack of battery power when you work and study outside for a long time, so you need to hurry to find a power supply to charge. The compact and exquisite surfacelaptopgo is equipped with a cool and wear-resistant shell. It is available in three colors: ice crystal blue, sandstone gold and bright platinum. When you study at home or go out to work, you will be impressed with its exquisite appearance.

In addition, Microsoft’s surface laptopgo comes with a 12.4-inch pixel sense ™ Touch screen, display effect is very good, whether it is daily learning or cooking drama, is an unparalleled visual enjoyment. Coupled with the precise large touch panel and the full-size keyboard with a key range of 1.3mm, you can basically get a very good experience without a mouse.

In terms of configuration, surfacelaptopgo is equipped with the 10th generation Intel & amp; 174; core ™ I5 four core processor, with up to 8GB memory and 256gb hard disk capacity, is optimized in terms of endurance and performance, and can be used smoothly for a long time without jamming. The simple and easy-to-use design provides a lot of convenience for the little cute, easily saving other people’s time wasted in computer operation.

On a busy day, fairies must have a good rest and reward themselves. Surface laptopgo’s 720p high-definition camera and matrix far-field dual microphone make the picture clear and the voice fluent. Omnisonic loudspeakers and Dolby? Sound effects bring high-quality sound effects when watching movies and listening to music, so as to fully enjoy your leisure time.

Panasonic hhl0623 learning desk lamp

The new semester’s study certainly cannot fall behind, the studious girls must have entered the busy study condition, the achievement enhancement at the same time the eye also must protect well. Here to recommend a lamp: Panasonic hhlt0623 learning lamp. This lamp adopts Panasonic side light-emitting technology and reaches rg0 non dangerous level in the retinal blue light hazard test. It provides the softest and most comfortable lighting when you are reading at night.

How many people like to go to bed with the lights off at night and watch TV plays on their microblogs? But in the dark environment, bright mobile phone screen will cause damage to vision, but also easy to make eyes tired. This lamp’s intelligent light sensor can automatically collect the brightness of the surrounding environment to adjust the light to adapt to the environment. At the head of the bed or at the desk, Panasonic desk lamp will gently take care of your eyes.

ANESSA water power Sunscreen Spray

Drying and ultraviolet are the natural enemies of girls. In the face of the coming summer heat and ultraviolet rays, the fairies are sure to prepare many equipment to protect themselves. I brought you this: ANESSA water Sunscreen Spray. This spray uses AquaBooster water sunscreen technology, which can be combined with mineral elements in water and sweat to make sunscreen film more uniform and smooth, and enhance sunscreen effect. Gently spray, say goodbye to UV~

Not only that, this sunscreen spray also contains moisturizing beauty skin essence, so that the fairies can moisturize and moisturize the skin while sunning, so that the skin will be moist and glossy. Spray design is easy to carry and use, whether outdoor sports or commuting to work. Have such a can both skin care and sunscreen artifact, you do not heart?

Horizon 8 onetouch front door box

After studying, do you want to take a walk on the road trip? There are so many interesting places around the school. It’s a pity that you don’t have to take a look around. Exquisite girls also need to be fully prepared for their travel. It may be too small to carry a backpack for short distance travel, and it’s inconvenient to pull a large trolley case. Horizon 8 onetouch front door box solves your troubles. Unique front door design, you can open and take things with a little touch, and close with a little press when closing. It only takes three seconds to open and close, easy and simple. The small things usually put in the backpack can all be put in the trunk.

This backpack is designed to meet the needs of your travel room with a multi-function 35L. The upper part of the box is designed with a USB interface. Just connect the power bank with the trunk inside, you can charge the mobile phone through the trunk, and you no longer need to walk on the road with the power bank. If you are a girl who likes to travel, you might as well consider this travel artifact suitcase, which is easy to open and close and easy to start.

Delicacy is not only a kind of taste, but also a kind of life attitude. In the student age, in addition to learning, we should also become a person with “texture”, have requirements for ourselves and pursue the future. I hope that the good things of planting grass in this article can add some comfort and comfort to the fairies’ life in the new semester. If you have exciting goods, you can quickly place an order to make your life more exquisite~

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