A new army of high-end memory! Acer predator memory exposure – Pacific computer network

Recently, pconline received intelligence that the memory of Apollo RGB series, a well-known E-sports brand predator of Acer, will be released soon, and spy photos have been released. It is learned that the memory will use Samsung’s high-end memory granule – b-die, which is expected to become a rising star in the high-end memory market.

From the spy photos, we can see that the appearance of the memory is very cool. It has the style of predator family and strong science fiction style. The memory adopts RGB design, and the light bar is similar to the style of the energy gun in cyberpunk 2077. At the same time, it is not difficult to see that the large area soft light cover can make the lighting effect of the memory module softer and more uniform. The surface of the memory is equipped with large horizontal heat dissipation armor, and the design of hollow lines makes the heat dissipation performance of this memory worth looking forward to.

Another news that can be learned from the disclosure is that the memory has 3200mhz, 3600MHz and other specifications of memory, but this should also be the entry frequency for b-die. According to the overclocking performance of high-end memory with b-die in the past, the predator predator should be able to easily reach 4133mhz or even higher. Coupled with the good heat dissipation module design of the memory module, it is expected to be able to achieve high frequency Stable overclocking to 4500MHz is undoubtedly good news for gamers and those who pursue the ultimate performance.

While maintaining high frequency, according to the message released, predator memory also has low timing of cl14, which is also in line with the characteristics of high-end b-die granular memory. Low timing can be combined with high frequency to improve memory performance.

According to the overall information, Acer predator memory is a high-performance memory to enter the high-end E-sports market. With its sci-fi and distinctive appearance design, soft and delicate light pack, high frequency and low latency of b-die particles, and the brand effect of predator, Acer predator memory should be a dark horse in the high-end memory market. We will continue to follow up on the specific performance, and we have some suggestions Interested in small partners, please pay attention to our release of the relevant information.



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