Carrefour (China) CEO Tian Rui: seeking independent listing in the future

Beijing business daily (reporter Zhao chi) Carrefour’s ambition is gradually emerging. Recently, Tian Rui, CEO of Carrefour (China), revealed in an interview that in the future, he will work with more strategic partners to continue to bring better goods and shopping experience to consumers and seek independent IPO.

According to Tian Rui, Carrefour China has been digitized in the past two years since joining Suning. In 2021, Carrefour will focus on the three directions of big store empowerment, B2B empowerment and home business scale development to open up new growth space.

“Big store empowerment” is to continuously upgrade the stores of big stores in high-speed cities, improve the functional positioning of community life center, and open a new track for member stores; to open Carrefour’s supply chain and retail management system in low-speed cities, realize brand output, and enable it to sink into the market. B2B empowerment is the empowerment of upstream manufacturers, licensors, and downstream convenience stores, regional chains, enterprises and other b-end users through Carrefour’s platform capabilities. The scale development of home business will aim at the core Internet users aged 20-35 and the community population of 3-15 kilometers around Carrefour’s stores, and improve the scale of home users and sales. ” Tian Rui said.

On June 23, 2019, Suning e-buy announced that Suning international, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, plans to invest 4.8 billion yuan to acquire 80% shares of Carrefour China. Since Suning became the owner, it has upgraded and improved Carrefour’s stores, commodity structure, home business and other aspects, and its online capability has also been continuously improved. Data show that as of February 24 this year, Carrefour’s home business sales in China increased 127% year on year.

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