Why we choose the new Japan electric car? Listen to what they say

With the implementation of the new national standard, the electric vehicle industry is about to usher in a new pattern. With the vigorous development of shared electric vehicles, errands and takeaway industries, the electric vehicle market will also usher in a new round of demand explosion. As the starting point of the fourteenth five year plan, how to effectively lay out the development direction of the electric vehicle industry in 2021 is a problem that all electric vehicle brands need to think about.

In this regard, Xinri electric vehicle, the leading enterprise in the industry, took the lead in planning. From February 24 to March 2, the 2021 dealer strategy promotion meeting for the new day of “gathering momentum and winning the future” was held as scheduled, with theater venues set up in Wuxi, Jiangsu, Jiangmen, Guangdong, Tai’an, Shandong and Xiangyang, Hubei. During the conference, many dealers were invited to the conference site to imagine the future with Xinri. Outside the venue, the live broadcast of the new Japan electric vehicle mileage challenge was also carried out simultaneously, and the pictures were transmitted to the conference site in real time, so that the dealers could feel the new Japan lithium battery from a zero distance, with the technology and product charm of 5 years and 10 years!


Focus on the scene, high praise

In the promotion meeting, Xinri summarized the fruitful results achieved in 2020, affirmed the contribution made by dealers after the “super strategy” press conference, and comprehensively interpreted the current industry development situation, market competition status and future trend, elaborated the future growth strategy of Xinri dealers in 2021, and encouraged dealers’ confidence. Through the interviews with dealers after the meeting, we learned that this strategic promotion meeting of Xinri is a “heart tonic” to dealers.


On site reporter: what kind of help do you think this promotion will give you?

Dealer a: this new day’s dealer strategy promotion meeting can be said to be a timely rain. Although the new national standard has been implemented, the market is still in a mess. Sometimes our dealers don’t know what to do to deal with the policy changes. Today’s meeting shared with us the industry trend and brand development direction, which can help us make corresponding adjustments in the future product purchase and publicity, and gain market opportunities. I feel more confident in the New Year!


On the spot reporter: what do you think is the most shocking part of this strategic promotion meeting? Can you tell me briefly?

Dealer B: let’s live broadcast the mileage challenge. I think the new Japan’s automotive lithium battery technology is really excellent. The five-year warranty and the 10-year warranty are all solid. Some people didn’t know much about and didn’t think much about the new Japan Automotive lithium battery. However, in the Taihu Lake mileage challenge a few years ago, the powerful endurance demonstrated by the new Japan lithium tram gave you a new understanding of the new Japan Automotive lithium battery technology. During this period, the supply of the new Japan super run Q6 in our store has exceeded the demand. The mileage challenge in this meeting also shows other models of new Japanese electric vehicles. I think after this promotion meeting, we will work harder and reach new heights!


Reporter: compared with other brands, what kind of impression does Xinri leave you?

Dealer C: I’m a prospective dealer. This time I’m mainly here to investigate. In recent months, I have visited some brand manufacturers on the spot. After understanding and comparison, I feel that Xinri electric vehicle is the most farsighted and technical strength among many brands. It integrates brand strategy and technology and leads the development direction of the whole industry. For example, lithium battery, as I learned from battery manufacturers, will be the main power source for a long time in the future. It is light and durable, and can be produced on a large scale. The new Japan electric vehicle is the application of more advanced automotive grade lithium batteries in two wheeled electric vehicles, which directly opens the technical gap between brands. In the future, the market will be dominated by new Japan. I am very confident about this!


From the words of many dealers, we can deeply feel that the promotion of the 2021 dealer strategy of “gathering power and winning the future” of Xinri will bring them hope and prospect. Everyone’s praise is like a tide, and it also shows the leading brand image of Xinri electric vehicle again.

New day is on the move

Step into 2021, count the highlights of the new day, just to realize the brand’s “greatness again”. The car buying boom from the theme of “new year lithium more cattle” has led to the boom of over 200 million tiktok, the 5 day of the new lithium battery, the 10 year old trendy task of National People’s duty, and the 120 thousand people’s whole network to witness the new 131.08km’s mileage of Q6 running in the new era. During the Spring Festival, the advertising of super 100 cities high-speed railway and anti-aircraft gun pushed the brand popularity to a new climax again, and strongly dominated 300 + cities, which provided strong support for the drainage of national dealers of Xinri electric vehicles and laid a foundation for sales.


Today, science and technology are the primary productive forces, Xinri is steadily developing and innovating. At the same time, Xinri is more active in exploring new technologies of intelligent vehicles and high-performance batteries. It is reported that Xinri is about to break the shackles of the industry, jump out of the thinking circle of the electric vehicle industry, and start a joint development mode with cross industry and technology giants, so as to bring more convenient and comfortable travel life to consumers.

This is the first important meeting of this year and also the pre war mobilization meeting of 2021. From the perspective of the whole development strategy, Xinri’s future initiatives are bound to cause shock to the industry. Next, we will see what “big moves” will be released by Xinri electric vehicle, which is known as “super high end”!



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