Lenovo yoga 14s, Ruilong 5000h, 2.8k + 90hz screen

Lenovo’s 11 generation core standard version of yoga 14s 2021 has been officially put on sale. It is equipped with i5-11300h processor, and the initial price is 5899 yuan. Today, the official has warmed up again, and its sharp dragon 5000h version is coming.

联想YOGA 14s锐龙5000H官宣,2.8K+90Hz屏

It’s expected that YGA 14s 2021 Raptor 5000h will be equipped with r7-5800h processor based on zen3 architecture. This processor has 8 cores, 16 threads, 3.2-4.4ghz, Vega 8 with 2.0GHz core display and 45W TDP. The maximum performance release of the existing version of yoga 14s 2021 is 38W. I don’t know if it will make a further breakthrough for the TDP of standard pressure Raptor.

联想YOGA 14s锐龙5000H官宣,2.8K+90Hz屏

Author: Chen Muliang



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