IPhone 12 Mini is about to stop production


Driving China March 24, 2021 the iPhone 12 Mini is a small screen flagship launched by Apple at its new product launch in October last year. However, due to poor market performance, this small screen flagship, which was released not long ago, is about to stop production.

According to reports, recently, it has been reported that the iPhone 12 Mini is about to stop production. Due to the problems such as the endurance of the model, Apple has undertaken a lot of losses, and the upstream and downstream industry chain has also been affected, including Samsung, the supplier of OLED panel.

iPhone 12 mini即将停产 苹果或因砍单向三星支付巨额赔款

Apple is likely to compensate Samsung display for a shortage of OLED panel orders due to lower than expected demand for the iPhone 12 mini, according to the Korea Herald.

According to omdia market data, Samsung’s global small-size OLED shipments in January fell 9% month on month to 45 million units. The company attributed the decline to sluggish iPhone 12 Mini sales.

Apple is likely to compensate Samsung for missing its OLED panel procurement target, an industry source said. However, it is not sure whether Apple will pay a fine to SamSung monitor, “but considering its contract history and sluggish iPhone 12 Mini sales, apple is likely to compensate Samsung.”

iPhone 12 mini即将停产 苹果或因砍单向三星支付巨额赔款

The iPhone 12 Mini is a small screen flag launched by Apple last year. The screen size is only 5.4 inches. Although the overall performance is also very strong, the market performance of the new iPhone is not satisfactory due to the shrinkage of some configurations. In the first half of January, sales of the iPhone 12 Mini only accounted for 5% of the total iPhone 12 series, making it the worst-selling model in the entire iPhone 12 series, according to data from a research institute.

Based on the consideration of various factors, many analysts believe that apple is likely to directly stop production of the iPhone 12 Mini in the second quarter. If so, the iPhone 12 Mini will be Apple’s shortest lived iPhone ever.



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