Big change of win10 interface! Concept map of win10 Solar Valley

[pconline] win10 21h2, commonly known as “Sun Valley”, which is scheduled to be released in the second half of this year, is the most important interface upgrade in the history of win10. All along, rumors about Sun Valley have been rampant, but there has been no screenshot out. A few days ago, foreign media released a “concept video” of Sun Valley, which gave us a more intuitive impression for the first time. It is worth noting that although it is a “concept map” version, most of the UI in it is based on the leaked graphics and text, with high fidelity!

Sun Valley is really here

1. Start menu

“Start Menu” is one of the most concerned places, and there are also the most guesses about it. Compared with the current version, the design of concept map is remarkable. The first is the round corner and suspended design, which have been mentioned before, but when it really appears in the renderings, you can still feel the delicacy.

Start menu concept map

In addition to the changes in the edges and corners, the module spacing has also been widened. In fact, this small change is not small. In addition to bringing more breathing feeling to the interface, the “boundary” between modules has also begun to become clearer. It is worth mentioning that the account avatar and search bar have also been moved to the upper right corner, which is a bit like the design of an early version of win10. Generally speaking, the effect is good, and the picture is more flexible.

2. Operation center

The operation center has absorbed a lot of experience from win10x. In short, notification is notification and operation is operation. In addition to the changes in the interface layout, many “new elements” have also been incorporated, such as the shortcut toolbar in the lower right corner and the music control panel in the middle. Of course, there is also a small problem here, that is, the shortcut tool obviously overlaps with that in the start menu, although there will be practical considerations. But in my opinion, this is just the result of copying win10x design. As a concept version, it doesn’t need to be true.

Concept map of operation center

The operation center adds a page turning button, which is actually a copy of the design in win10x. Its basic logic is: click the button to open and close, click the right arrow to enter the setting panel.

“Flip button” in control center

3. Setting panel

The setting interface continues the style of the current version, but the details are different. For example, fluent design is more unified with the interface, and the title bar is more distinct than the current version. However, what impresses me most about this picture is not these, but a small module called “compact mode” in it. Its Chinese meaning can be understood as “compact mode”, which should be a mode specially designed for small screen devices. Interestingly, the author actually added a central menu in it, right! It’s as like as two peas in Win10X.

Settings panel concept map

Compact start menu for small screen devices in win10

4. File manager

As another “old project” that has been fired for N years, the uwp version of file resource manager naturally cannot be absent. On the whole, the concept map doesn’t shock us much (after all, it has been fried n times). Fluent design, multi label, new version of icon. Although these changes have new ideas, they can not cover all the functions of the current version of resource manager. For example, the missing shortcut buttons (back, forward, up), the design without address bar (convenient for quick jump or copy path information), and so on, will bring inconvenience to daily use.

Concept map of uwp file manager

But despite the red tape, the concept version has brought us some new ideas. For example, for folder encryption, you need to enter the password before entering the encryption folder (the current windows is account level EFS encryption). Quick transfer window, through drag and drop can directly transfer files to the mobile phone and so on. In addition to innovative ideas, these changes can also bring us more help in terms of work efficiency.

Separate folder encryption

Fast transmission floating window

5. More powerful drag

Drag and drop has been given new life in the concept version. An obvious example is that when you need to refer to the content of an email, you can drag and drop it directly. Of course, here you can also see a new version of “mail and calendar” figure, more simple interface + new version of fluent design, good appearance!

New fluent design and more powerful drag and drop function

6. Automatic dark theme

The dark theme has existed in win10 for a long time, but the actual experience is not good due to the insufficient coverage of the current uwp. In the concept version of Sun Valley, the author has planned a new dark color mode for us, with more harmonious color matching and more comprehensive theme coverage. The most important thing is that dark mode can switch automatically with time. Well, it’s the same as the current night mode.

Dark theme effect

Automatic switching over time in dark mode

Similar to the current version of fluent design effects

7. New icon

The icon is also an obvious change in the concept version. The new icon retains the existing style and optimizes the color and radian of the icon. As can be seen from the concept map of the taskbar, fluent design with the new icon is more excellent in the sense of picture and more harmonious at the same time.

New icon

Taskbar concept map with new icon

Write at the end

Although the fidelity has been very high, but before the official announcement, the above is still only the “ppt version” of Sun Valley. So what do you expect from the “Sun Valley” that will meet us soon!

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