Claiming to be the first universal studios to authorize Yuan Long Ya chart. What is the reason?

Beijing Universal Studios will soon eager for a fight. In March 23rd, the Limited by Share Ltd of the Yuan Long Atto culture transmission (hereinafter referred to as “Yuan Long Ya map”) said that the company signed the Universal Studios IP for five years, and is currently an exclusive industry. The Beijing Commercial Daily reporter also learned from the staff that the Universal Studios IP authorized by the company is mainly used for the development of peripheral products, involving 10 categories, including tableware, storage, digital and so on. At present, we have authorized kungfu panda to manufacture home textiles, back pots and other peripheral products.

Specifically, Yuan Long ATU said in response to investor questions that the company has developed hundreds of products to greet the marketing hotspots of Universal Studios. Subsequently, Beijing Business Daily reporter called for consultation as an enterprise. The staff of the company said that the company signed a contract with globegroup for 10 categories, including home textiles, bags, outdoor products, tableware, storage, digital and office products. The current spot products include home textiles four piece set, quilt, kettle, bags and so on.

At the same time, the above staff also revealed that the above products can only be sold as gifts in the form of “group purchase” for enterprises, and can not be sold to C-end consumers, and the purchased enterprises can not make secondary sales. At the same time, not all of the above 10 categories of products have been put into production, and the specific launch time depends on the sales situation.

According to tianyancha information, Yuanlong Yatu’s business scope includes organizing cultural and artistic exchange consultation activities, conference services, etc. Since 2006, Yuanlong Yatu has entered the official licensed commodity development field of major competitions at home and abroad. It has obtained the qualification of licensed manufacturer and retailer of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Yuanlong Yatu also said publicly that the company is the only listed company in the gift industry. It is also the company with the widest customer coverage and the largest income scale in the subdivided industry, and has the leading position in the industry. However, some investors questioned this. In February this year, an investor asked: “Yuanlong Yatu claims to be the leader of gift industry, but the market share is only 2%. The leading effect is not obvious, and the outside world, especially the institutions, do not recognize it. What measures does the management have for this? ” In the face of the above questions, Yuanlong Yatu replied that the low market share is due to the large demand for gifts and the penetration of application scenarios in all aspects of social and economic life. The competition pattern is characterized by full competition and low concentration. As the key customer service has the attribute of running in period and long cultivation period, the company’s business growth has not fully reflected the trend of industry concentration change.

In addition to gifts, Yuanlong Yatu also tried to enter the field of online Red live broadcast last year. On December 7, 2020, Yuanlong Yatu announced that it plans to purchase 60% equity of youhuaguo media with 270 million yuan. And youhuaguo media also made the performance commitment that the net profit in 2020, 2021 and 2022 will not be less than 30 million yuan, 39 million yuan and 50.7 million yuan respectively. At that time, Yuanlong Yatu also said in the announcement that youhuaguo media used bloggers and we media accounts as media resources, and self operated beauty content e-commerce (wechat app mall and Taobao store) and live broadcast e-commerce business. It was a new media integrated marketing company focusing on media operation and was in a period of rapid growth.

However, less than one month after the announcement of the acquisition, Yuanlong Yatu announced the termination of the acquisition again, and said that although the company had engaged professional intermediaries to conduct due diligence, audit, evaluation and other work on the target company, and reached an agreement with the trading partner on matters related to the equity acquisition, the two sides finally decided to terminate the acquisition after careful consideration and friendly negotiation After the acquisition, the equity transfer agreement of Beijing youhuaguo culture media Co., Ltd. signed by both parties was terminated.

How can it be worth the success of the Universal Studios IP product? In this regard, the Beijing Business Daily reporter consulted Chen Shaofeng, vice president of the Institute of cultural industry of Peking University. Chen Shaofeng said, Universal Studios itself has many IP, in the current situation, Yuan Long Ya map has not signed retail, and related products can not be sold for two times, the marketing side is relatively small. “Popular cultural and creative derivatives have indeed developed rapidly in recent years, and the sales of cultural and creative products around the theme park are relatively good.” Chen Shaofeng said, “but this kind of product needs the help of a certain sense of immersion and atmosphere. If it is not sold to tourists around the theme park or online, although it can earn a wave of traffic by opening the park, how much sales will be in the end remains to be seen.”

Beijing Business Daily reporter Guan Zichen Yang Hui

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