“China’s home appliance market report” released, home appliance market ushers in “quality revolution” Jingdong home appliance industry helps to transform and upgrade

At the time of the opening of awe, the largest home appliance and consumer electronics exhibition in China, “China’s home appliance market report 2020” (hereinafter referred to as “the report”) is also coming out. The report not only comprehensively and profoundly summarizes the development of China’s home appliance industry in the past year, but also points out the direction for the future development of home appliance industry.

According to the report, the retail sales of China’s home appliance market will reach 833.3 billion yuan in 2020. Under the impact of the epidemic, China’s home appliance market still shows strong resilience, but also shows a broad space for development. The scale of online retail sales increased to 50.4%, and the annual penetration rate exceeded 50% for the first time. This is the result of the joint efforts of home appliance retail enterprises represented by Jingdong home appliance.

《中国家电市场报告》发布 家电市场迎来“品质革命”京东家电助力行业转型升级

In the face of the development of the times, both the demand side and the supply side of the home appliance market are changing, and the upgrading of consumption and the transformation of the home appliance industry are accelerating at the same time. The report points out that at present, the main consumers of household appliances in China are “new consumers” who advocate intellectualization, personalization and refinement. They show unprecedented enthusiasm for multi-functional products, segmented functional products and high-end products. China’s household appliance market presents a “new” and “high” trend. As the leading retail channel of home appliances in China, Jingdong home appliances has been committed to promoting the upgrading and development of the whole home appliance industry from both supply and demand sides by taking advantage of its big data, technology, service and other advantages, and constantly meeting consumers’ enthusiasm of buying “new” and “high”.

《中国家电市场报告》发布 家电市场迎来“品质革命”京东家电助力行业转型升级

On the demand side, in order to accurately capture consumers’ real demand for home appliances, JD home appliances relies on big data and consumer feedback to inject user genes into home appliances, so that home appliances can better understand consumers’ needs and be more intelligent. In addition, JD home appliances also subdivides the consumer groups, and introduces various new home appliances according to different life scenes, so as to meet the consumption needs of thousands of people. For example, the mother and baby washing machine tailored for new mothers and dads can wash clothes separately to make the baby safer; the intelligent massage chair and other health appliances built for the “Buddhist regimen” group can let the tired body and mind relax at the same time when they come home from work; the automatic coffee machine and multi-function wall breaking machine provided for the “new style gourmet group” can make the busy life more exquisite; and the “big fun” 4 K HD 120Hz high refresh no drag Video Game TV, at home can also enjoy the ultimate fun of the game; more for the “exquisite house pet school” to provide intelligent sweeping robot, wireless vacuum cleaner, so that pets no longer become your health burden. JD household appliances uses big data and technological innovation to match customized products that meet the needs of subdivided groups.

On the supply side, with its long chain and high-value consumption big data, Jingdong household appliances has opened its core technology and touch ability from user insight, to product selection, pricing, procurement, performance, prediction and other links of the supply chain to household appliance manufacturers, vigorously promoting product upgrading, creating high-quality household appliances for users and new profit growth points for partners.

As a leading Omni channel home appliance platform in China, Jingdong home appliance puts forward the brand slogan of “rejuvenate your life”. By taking advantage of its big data advantages, it constantly excavates the product trend function points and the demand points of consumers’ new scenes, and passes on high-quality trend products, leading-edge black technology and healthy and quality life concepts to consumers through new product marketing projects, so as to improve the quality of consumers The sense of scene experience, for consumers to create a large number of high-quality explosive products.

JD household appliances continues to popularize new categories of household appliances to consumers. The purpose is to change the traditional way of life with scientific and technological innovation, help consumers get rid of household chores with new products and services, and let life return to “quality”.



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