Eureka youruijia sterilizing and washing machine is launched in the world, which is more professional, healthy and efficient!

Eureka youruijia, an American Cleaning brand with a history of 112 years, officially entered the Chinese market in 2021. On March 4, it launched a subversive new product in the world – the three in one Eureka youruijia germicidal washing machine of vacuum cleaning, floor sweeping and sterilization. This washing machine is also the first intelligent washing machine in the world that can kill all bacteria only by water. Eureka yourui family has implemented the concept of clean and healthy in every part of our life for one hundred years. Behind the technological innovation, it is a heart of innovation that has always been “exploring and breaking through”.


Direct attack pain point, sweep and drag one health sterilization

Eureka youruijia sterilization and washing machine is more suitable for the growing modern Chinese families

At present, the competition of cleaning products in the domestic market is fierce. In the face of the increasingly complex needs of Chinese people and more diversified decoration pattern, the conventional vacuum cleaner or washing and dragging products on the market obviously can not meet the needs of consumers, and there are many troubles, such as frequent replacement of mops, manual cleaning of mops, secondary pollution, poor cleaning strength of washing and dragging, and the inability to remove large stubborn wet garbage . The advanced “deep cleaning” technology of Eureka brand floor washer, with the fastest speed in the industry, can directly make large particles of dry and wet mixed garbage, stubborn stains and dead corner garbage nowhere to hide. At the same time, when using Eureka youruijia sterilization and washing machine, you can understand the real-time working state, remaining time, power, fault promotion, etc. of the machine through the dynamic LCD screen, which makes the product more visual, quantifiable and user-friendly.

Families with old people, children and cute pets have higher requirements for sterilization. Eureka youruijia sterilization and washing machine is also equipped with the world’s exclusive real-time “electrolytic water” sterilization system, which is an intelligent washing machine that only needs water to sterilize. When in use, it only needs to inject tap water into the water tank without adding any chemicals. The electrolyzed water can deeply clean the ground and the sterilization rate can reach 99%. At the moment of epidemic situation, Eureka yourui’s sterilization and floor washing function can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria while mopping the floor, and the sterilization method is more thorough and healthy, safe and without residue, bringing peace of mind and care to more families.


User thinking, human design, easy to use

Sterilization can really improve the quality of urban life

In addition to the professional effect of cleaning experience, Eureka yourui also fully considers the “aftertreatment” of consumer cleaning. After cleaning, you can directly put the machine back into the charging base, and gently step on the base pedal to start the one minute self-cleaning process: at the outlet of the roller brush, spray clean water to wash the roller brush rotating at high speed, and the water flow can also clean the water pipeline inside the machine, and finally gather in the sewage tank. Consumers can easily remove the sewage tank to pour out the garbage, saying goodbye to the trouble of cleaning the dust box, cleaning the mop and frequently changing the mop in the process of using the traditional washing and towing machine. There is no need to dirty hands in the whole process, and the whole cleaning process is easier and more convenient.

Since its establishment 112 years ago, Eureka youruijia has been constantly innovating and discovering, and is committed to making the cleaning experience of consumers more relaxed and efficient. In the continuous polishing of products, Eureka youruijia strives to bring users more excellent use experience and more clean and comfortable home experience.



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