Jingdong Boxi unveils new health appliances and strives to create a new life with ingenuity and quality

After many twists and turns, awe2021 officially opened in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center on March 23. As one of the three major exhibitions in the field of global home appliances and consumer electronics, home appliances featured with “health” and “quality” stand out and become the focus of the industry and consumers.

As a platform for gathering high-quality health appliances, Jingdong also has a keen insight into the changes of people’s consumption demand. At this awe exhibition, it launched in-depth cooperation with Bosi, the top brand of household appliances. On the first day of the exhibition, it held a new product launch in the form of online live broadcast to help consumers upgrade the new ecology.


Wu Shuangxi, general manager of Jingdong household appliances ice washing business department and commodity and channel operation Department (second from right), and Zhang Qi, senior director of Jingdong channel management of Bosi household appliances (second from left), jointly witnessed the new product launch

The press conference was not only lively in the live room, but also full of “bigwigs”. Wu Shuangxi, general manager of Jingdong household appliances ice washing business department and commodity and channel operation Department, was invited to attend the conference. Together with Zhang Qi, senior director of Jingdong channel management of Bosi household appliances, he witnessed the launch of the new product.

Siemens appliances and Bosch appliances, the brands of Bosch, showed three strategic new products at the press conference, namely Siemens 9kg frequency conversion washing and drying machine, 630l Hengxian double door refrigerator and Bosch gray scale series ultra-thin antibacterial double door refrigerator.

The 9kg frequency conversion washing and drying machine of Siemens home appliances has specially customized the health function of 100% dust mite removal for consumers, with 99.9% bacteria removal rate, which can prevent skin allergy. It also uses 90 ° high temperature water and 360 ° high frequency washing to remove dirt, eliminate bacteria breeding, and protect the health of users. In addition, the machine also has a variety of washing and drying mode, fast washing only 15 minutes, all-round to meet the needs of users.

Another product of Siemens home appliances, 630l Hengxian double door refrigerator, uses “intelligent dynamic constant temperature technology” to intelligently sense the temperature change in the cabin. The advanced refrigeration operation mode precisely controls the temperature change to ± 0.2 ° C. at the same time, it is equipped with air-cooled frost free fresh storage technology, special filter structure moisturizing cover plate and independent double circulation system to keep the food fresh for up to 15 days and ensure the quality of food The material is not deteriorated, fresh is more delicious.


The host showed and explained Siemens 630 liter Hengxian refrigerator

Bosch appliances focuses on refrigerators. Bosch gray scale series of ultra-thin anti-bacterial double door refrigerators on display mainly focus on “health” and “quality”. Through three-dimensional air supply and platinum clean air in the refrigerator, the anti-bacterial rate reaches 99.99%. With special molecular filter cover plate, the filter film can keep moisture, keep fresh for a long time, and protect the health of food materials.

Not only that, this refrigerator is more in line with the design of contemporary home decoration. Fir gray highlights the low-key light luxury texture. The tough and streamlined design adds to the quality of the product. With the 63.6cm slim fuselage, the kitchen looks quiet, elegant and noble. The refrigerator will be launched exclusively in Jingdong on March 26.

With the continuous enhancement of people’s concept of healthy life, Jingdong and Boxi home appliances have further cooperation opportunities. Through the advantages of Jingdong Omni channel service, taking health quality as the cornerstone and consumer big data as the support, we can quickly understand the demand and optimize the shopping and product experience of consumers.

Zhang Qi said at the press conference that in the future, he will continue to maintain the quality of ingenuity, closely follow the needs of consumers, and continue to deepen the cooperation with Jingdong platform. Through the quality of ingenuity to create a healthy new ecology, “Huanxin” the quality of life of consumers.

In the future, Jingdong will join hands with a number of strategic partners such as Bosi to make use of its Omni channel advantages to continuously create high-quality home appliance service experience, provide consumers with healthy quality home appliances in the post epidemic era, and help to upgrade the better life.



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