Blue and white Lang strategic positioning upgrade Lang wine to create manor sauce wine

Beijing business daily (reporter Zhao Fengrui) on March 19, a reporter from Beijing business daily learned that the “blue and white Lang strategic positioning upgrade conference of Langjiu manor and world-class winery” was held in Langjiu manor. At the press conference, Wang Junlin, chairman of Langjiu group, released the overall upgraded blue and white Lang’s strategic positioning. Blue and white Lang is the main single product of Lang Wine Manor. Lang wine will take “birth, growth, cultivation and storage” as the context, build a world-class winery as the carrier, and shape world-class products.

It is worth noting that as early as 2008, Langjiu has invested a lot of human, material and financial resources to improve product quality and production links, so as to achieve the goal of world-class winery. Langjiu group introduced that after 13 years of efforts, Langjiu manor has been initially built.

Industry insiders said that after 13 years of efforts, the total investment of Langjiu manor has exceeded 10 billion yuan. A world-class Baijiu manor and its matching products were formed.

Wang Junlin said at the press conference that the upgrading orientation of blue and white Lang is to present the real production, storage, aging, blending and other characteristics of blue and white Lang to consumers for their comments. The use of wine in the garden is to make Chinese Baijiu go with the world’s top wineries.

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