Super armor blessing! Acer Raider Talos memory exposure

The recent series of Acer Raider memory can be said to be constantly moving, new products frequently. Recently, pconline has received intelligence that Acer’s famous E-sports brand predator is about to release DDR4 high frequency memory with selected particles and zinc alloy heat dissipation vest. Let’s get to know it first according to the contents of the disclosure!

From the appearance of exposure, Acer’s Talos memory uses a black-and-white metal heat dissipation vest design, and adopts a symmetrical design structure, with the logo placed in the middle, which is very eye-catching. The heat dissipation vest is made of zinc alloy, which has better heat dissipation performance than the traditional aluminum alloy vest. Therefore, we can look forward to the heat dissipation and overclocking potential of this memory.

Compared with the traditional light module memory design, Acer’s Talos memory chooses larger area and better material heat dissipation Armor instead of RGB light band, and adds a lot of grooves on the armor to enhance the heat dissipation property of the memory module. Those who don’t pursue RGB lighting should consider it.

In terms of memory hardware, according to the exposed photos of memory particles, the type of particles can not be searched on the Internet for the time being, but according to the parameters of frequency and timing, Meguiar’s e-die series of performance particles should be used. This series of particles have the characteristics of high frequency and low delay, which can easily achieve an overclocking amplitude of about 400MHz on the basis of the original frequency. In other words, Acer predator Talos memory can easily achieve stable operation of nearly 4000MHz, which will be very excellent.

Based on the above information, Acer Raider Talos memory has the characteristics of selected particles, high frequency, enhanced heat dissipation and armored appearance, which is very suitable for game players who like to pursue high-end hardware and extreme effects. Acer raider’s brand reputation and workmanship can also be worthy of the love and pursuit of players.



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