“Refresh your life” with modern technology

“Wow! That’s cool

“New cognition! I didn’t expect home appliances to have so many new functions! “

“It’s not an experience! You have to use game TV to play games! That’s great! I’ll order when I get home! “

This scene took place at the awe Jingdong home appliance booth, the largest home appliance and consumer electronics exhibition in China. After experiencing smart home appliances, consumers constantly exclaim and praise!

用现代科技“焕新你的生活” 京东家电AWE展位让观众大呼过瘾

On March 23, after two years of precipitation, China household appliances and consumer electronics Expo finally opened in the eyes of the world. Jingdong, as a promoter of the upgrading and transformation of China’s home appliance industry, once again participated in the exhibition. The booth with the theme of “refreshing your life” occupied the absolute “C” position of awe!

用现代科技“焕新你的生活” 京东家电AWE展位让观众大呼过瘾

The bustling crowd and the experience team are in a long line, which benefits from the unique exhibition layout of Jingdong household appliances. In this year’s booth, with the theme of “renewing your life”, Jingdong appliance makes consumers feel the change of life caused by the upgrading of appliances. When consumers enter the “space-time shuttle house”, they begin the journey of “crossing”. The first things that come into sight are the CRT TV, window air conditioner, double cylinder washing machine and single door refrigerator, which make consumers return to the 1980s. When they enter another space of the space-time shuttle house, the full set of voice controlled IOT smart appliances make consumers return instantly We marvel at the smart appliances under the control of science and technology. Through this dramatic contrast, Jingdong appliance makes consumers fully feel the “refreshing” of modern appliances for life.

用现代科技“焕新你的生活” 京东家电AWE展位让观众大呼过瘾

Subdivided life scene exhibition area is another “bright spot”. Jingdong home appliances fully activate consumers’ internal demand for home appliances through the setting of concrete scenes. For example, in the “father Chaoma” family area, a just needed mother and baby washing machine has been set up, so that mothers suddenly realize that the washing and care of their babies’ clothes can be satisfied at one time, and that hand washing without hard work can also ensure cleanliness and safety. After experiencing the 4K HD 120Hz high refresh rate no drag Shadow Game TV in the “playmaker” area, consumers repeatedly said, “it’s so cool that the big screen doesn’t delay yet!” He refused to come down and insisted on playing more and experiencing more.

用现代科技“焕新你的生活” 京东家电AWE展位让观众大呼过瘾

Looking at the crowded booths, we realize that JD home appliances has accurately hit the potential demand of consumers, and the upgrading of the industry structure is already in progress.

Recently, the “report on China’s home appliance market in 2020” issued by China Institute of electronic information industry development clearly pointed out that 2021 will be the “year of product reengineering” of home appliance industry, and “new consumption” and “high-end” will be the main innovation direction of home appliance products in 2021.

Jingdong household appliances has become the leader of new consumption trend. At the beginning of this year, Jingdong home appliances put forward the brand proposition of “rejuvenate your life” to help consumers reconstruct quality life with new life concept. At the same time, JD household appliances continues to popularize new categories of household appliances to consumers, breaking the blind area of consumers’ cognition. Through new product marketing projects, JD household appliances delivers high-quality trend products, cutting-edge black technology, and the concept of healthy and quality life to consumers, so as to enhance consumers’ sense of scene experience, and make consumers realize that they can use new household appliances and new services to get rid of household chores, Let life return to “quality”.

用现代科技“焕新你的生活” 京东家电AWE展位让观众大呼过瘾

As a home appliance retail platform connecting supply and demand, Jingdong home appliance also continues to make use of its big data advantages and intelligent supply chain capabilities to help home appliance brands shorten the R & D cycle, continuously tap product trend function points and consumer demand points in new scenarios, further accelerate the construction of “new instant explosive products” industry ecology, and strive to lead the transformation and upgrading of the home appliance industry to technology and fashion cool “New” development in the direction of wisdom and health.



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