Jingdong shuaifeng jointly released new kitchen electric products, witnessing S65 fresh walkers to create a “fresh” river in the industry

After the suspension in 2020 and the extension this year, awe2021 was grandly opened in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center (NECC) on March 23, which is also the first large-scale offline consumer electronics industry exhibition held in China after the epidemic. As a promoter of the upgrading and transformation of China’s home appliance industry, Jingdong once again participated in the exhibition. With the theme of “refreshing your life”, it made an appearance of chaoku. On the first day of the exhibition, Jingdong held a new product launch of “shuaifeng appliance · fresh Walker in the industry” together with shuaifeng appliance, which opened the mysterious veil of “fresh Walker” in the integrated kitchen industry, led the new life of kitchen cooking, and interpreted the new attitude of healthy kitchen.

Ye Bo, general manager of kitchen and bathroom Business Department of Jingdong appliance business division, attended the new product launch of “shuaifeng appliance · industry fresh Walker”, shared the new development trend of integrated cookers, and talked about the key word of integrated cookers industry development trend – “fresh technology”. Through big data analysis, JD home appliances has insight into consumers’ deep consumption demand, predicts the industry’s cutting-edge development trend, provides effective development guidance for brands, helps brand products update iteratively, and continues to provide consumers with high-quality home appliances and good things, and rejuvenates a better life.


Ye Bo, general manager of kitchen and bathroom Business Department of Jingdong home appliance business department, delivered a wonderful speech

Zhu Yifeng, deputy general manager of shuaifeng electric appliance marketing, also attended the new product launch to introduce shuaifeng’s “fresh” species, shuaifeng integrated kitchen S65 fresh walker. The product is a new integrated stove product of “cold storage, hot steaming, double-sided technology” launched by the brand for young consumers, carrying “S65 fresh Walker core technology”, integrating cold storage, hot steaming and stir frying. Whether it’s preparing breakfast for your children, cooking lunch for your parents remotely, or preparing dinner for yourself in advance, shuaifeng integrated kitchen S65 fresh walker can help you easily handle it and comprehensively solve the cooking pain of consumers. This kind of integrated stove can not only refrigerate but also steam, which can be said to create a “fresh” river and lead the younger kitchen to upgrade!


Shuaifeng integrated kitchen S65 launch ceremony

Healthy cooking, treat your family well. Shuaifeng electric always focuses on kitchen appliances, and is committed to providing consumers with high-quality products and services. Starting from the current changes of smart home to modern life, shuaifeng Electric has a sensitive insight into the needs and pain points of users, continuously provides targeted product innovation points for the market, drives the kitchen upgrading again and again, and leads the development of the industry.

This time, Jingdong appliance and shuaifeng appliance jointly unveil new products and light up the “fresh Walker” of the industry, which can be described as a good beginning of cooperation. JD appliances has been committed to meet the needs of consumers as the core, relying on big data platform, real-time mining insight into the changing pain points and functional needs of different groups of household appliances, closely combined with high-quality brands, and jointly promoted from product development to market launch, aiming to bring more high-quality products to consumers. Shuaifeng electrical appliances, relying on koms kitchen global monitoring system and smiling service, has become a new and powerful eye-catching appliance, which proves shuaifeng electrical appliances’ original intention of adhering to “people-oriented, innovation and creation” and the perfection of science and technology.

The two sides said that they will continue to deepen cooperation under the promotion of common goals in the future. Relying on the intelligent supply chain capability of online and offline Omni channel of Jingdong household appliances, it helps the brand shorten the R & D cycle, reduce costs, and improve the success rate of new products becoming popular products. With the exclusive customized products of “Jingpin home appliances”, we can accurately meet the personalized needs of consumers, bring more “fresh” technology, new technology and black technology to consumers, upgrade the cooking experience and rejuvenate the quality of life.



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