Official notice: realme GT Neo will carry Tianji 1200

At the end of today’s realme GT launch, Xu Qi, President of realme China, also announced a new GT Neo. The words “Tianji flagship 1200” can be seen in the background of the picture.

官方预告:realme GT Neo将搭载天玑1200

Tianji 1200 is a new generation of 5g flagship SOC released by MediaTek on January 20. It adopts TSMC 6nm process, one cortex-a78 core 3.0GHz, three cortex-a78 2.6GHz, four cortex-a55 2.0GHz cores, with 22% performance improvement and 25% energy efficiency improvement. The size of GPU has little change, and the performance can be improved by 13% at most.

官方预告:realme GT Neo将搭载天玑1200

Today, the price of the flagship realme GT 8 + 128G version of Xiaolong 888 is as low as 2799 yuan. Combined with the model naming of Neo, it is expected that there will be the same surprising price.

Author: Chen Muliang



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