Full coverage of new crown vaccine

Vaccination with the new crown vaccine is under the normalization of the epidemic situation

The most effective means of prevention and control

For the health of family and friends

Chaoshifa actively promotes the vaccination of employees

At the same time, the people around us should actively respond to the call of the state

Vaccinated with new crown vaccine

Win the final victory of anti epidemic

应接尽接 超市发全员接种新冠疫苗

So far

All employees of supermarket

Including store security, cleaning, sales promotion and other personnel

The whole staff were vaccinated with the new crown vaccine

The vaccination rate was over 90%

应接尽接 超市发全员接种新冠疫苗

Since March 16

Every Tuesday and Wednesday

Customers who have been vaccinated go shopping in supermarkets for more than 66 yuan to say “vaccination is healthier”

应接尽接 超市发全员接种新冠疫苗



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