Last night, this morning: Robin Li said Baidu motor produced the latest production of Simba in 2024 at the latest, announcing the 27 day comeback.

March 24, 2021 driving China last night and this morning

昨夜今晨:李彦宏称百度汽车最晚2024年量产 辛巴团队宣布27日复出

Mass production of Baidu automobile in 2024 at the latest

According to Sina reports, Baidu CEO Robin Li said in an interview with the Hongkong Economic Daily that the first collection of vehicles with Geely will integrate Baidu’s most advanced automatic driving technology and AI capability, and is expected to launch the market at the latest by 2024, and is confident that it will become the most attractive intelligent vehicle.

The commercialization of self driving open platform Apollo “has begun and is growing rapidly”, and it will continue to invest heavily in self driving technology in the next 10 to 20 years. He pointed out that “Apollo’s commercialization has begun, and it has a certain scale, and it will be in the process of rapid growth for many years in the future.”. At present, Baidu has reached cooperation with about 10 car manufacturers to provide “small car” OS, AVP (automatic parking), AMP (automatic driving map platform) and other technical products.

Baidu is currently in Beijing, Changsha, Cangzhou, Guangzhou and other places to test the operation of automatic driving fleet. Robin Li revealed that the automatic driving team is ready to commercialize this year. If users want to ride Apollo unmanned vehicle, they will start paying the fees. At present, Baidu has been approved by Cangzhou City, while other cities are in negotiations. By the end of last year, Apollo autopilot test had served more than 200000 people.

Apollo’s automatic driving platform is open to third parties, but Baidu teamed up with Geely to set up “Jidu Auto” at the beginning of this year, announcing that it will build the car in person. Robin Li pointed out that car manufacturers are more cautious about intelligent driving. In order to enable consumers to get in touch with Baidu intelligent driving technology at an early date, “car building will be better”. He pointed out that the first model of Jidu will integrate Baidu’s most advanced automatic driving technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities, and it is expected to be launched on the market by 2024 at the latest, so it is confident that it will become the most attractive intelligent car.

Simba team announced its comeback on the 27th, sending kneeling video to welcome users back

According to fast technology, Simba, who was blocked by the fake bird’s nest incident, announced that she would return on March 27. In the video, Simba kneels down on one knee to pick up all users home. On November 23, 2020, Guangzhou municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau released the “investigation and handling of Simba live instant bird’s nest incident”. Guangzhou Heyi e-commerce Co., Ltd., as the founder of the live studio, was fined 900000 yuan.

When talking about the fake bird’s nest incident, Simba said that the team will deeply reflect and start internal rectification. All anchors and teams will strengthen professional learning and training, and sincerely invite fans and users to actively participate and provide valuable opinions.

It is worth noting that Henan Consumers Association said at the media briefing that Henan Consumers Association hopes that the punishment of Simba team by live broadcast platform is not to shut down the account for 60 days, but to shut down permanently and not to provide live broadcast platform for those bad anchors.

All localities began to stop scanning code for payment at gas stations

According to China Youth Daily, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the emergency management department jointly released a number of typical cases of public interest litigation in the field of work safety. Among them, Haining people’s Procuratorate of Zhejiang Province urged the rectification of hidden dangers of code scanning payment in gas stations. In this administrative public interest litigation case, in view of the potential safety problems caused by code scanning payment in explosive dangerous areas of gas stations, the procuratorial organ, supported by expert argumentation and technical experiments, reviewed through public hearing, issued pre litigation procuratorial suggestions to the administrative organ, urged it to carry out special rectification of code scanning payment business in gas stations according to law, and eliminated the potential safety problems.

The prosecutor said that with the popularization and application of mobile payment, the service mode of “don’t get off the car to refuel” in gas stations and mobile phone code scanning payment are popular, but the power transmitted by code scanning payment may cause radio frequency sparks, which has major security risks.

Hu Weilie, director of the eighth procuratorial Office of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, pointed out that at present, problems such as overlapping safety supervision functions, unclear boundaries, lack of supervision, inadequate supervision and lax law enforcement are still prominent; responsibilities between different levels are unclear, and the phenomenon of “multiple law enforcement” and “repeated law enforcement” still exists at the upper and lower levels in the same region. Procuratorial organs to carry out public interest litigation in the field of production safety is conducive to solving these law enforcement difficulties.

The listing price of Hong Kong stock in station B is determined as HK $808 per share

According to techweb, BiliBili announced in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today that the final offer price for both the international offering and the Hong Kong public offering has been set at HK $808.00 per share. The total proceeds from Bili Bili’s global offering (before underwriting expenses and offering expenses) (assuming that the over allotment right is not exercised) are estimated to be about HK $20.2 billion.

Qingdao SASAC wants to take Carrefour

According to the economic observer, the reporter obtained confirmation from a person familiar with the situation in Qingdao municipal government departments that the SASAC of Qingdao is currently negotiating with Carrefour’s major shareholders about the acquisition, but the specific details have not yet been finalized. The person familiar with the matter said that in addition to the 13 industrial chains determined by Qingdao, Qingdao’s state-owned capital is seeking a diversified layout, starting to invest from traditional heavy industry to new economic fields in line with national regulations, such as people’s livelihood and new energy.

By the end of 2019, Qingdao Wudaokou new energy vehicle industry fund enterprise (limited partnership) has invested 14.45 billion yuan in Chery’s “mixed reform”, becoming the largest shareholder of Chery holding and Chery automobile.

On June 23, 2019, Suning e-buy announced that it plans to acquire 80% of Carrefour China’s shares with RMB 4.8 billion in cash equivalent to euro. On January 30, 2021, Suning e-buy issued the performance forecast for 2020, and the net profit after deducting non-profit is expected to lose 6.087 billion to 6.587 billion yuan, which has been the loss of Suning e-buy for seven consecutive years.

On February 25 this year, Suning e-buy announced that Zhang Jindong, the controlling shareholder of the company, and Suning Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd., the shareholder of the company, planned to plan the transfer of shares of the company, with an estimated transfer ratio of 20-25%.

On March 19, 2021, Tian Rui, CEO of Carrefour (China), said in an interview that in 2021, Carrefour will focus on the three directions of big store empowerment, B2B empowerment and home business scale development to open up new growth space. Meanwhile, Tian Rui revealed that Carrefour will seek an independent IPO in the future.

Economic Observer network reporter on the sale of Carrefour equity call Suning e-buy, Suning e-buy related people replied that after verification, no further information.

Hyundai is facing a shutdown crisis due to a shortage of chips

Hyundai motor is expected to face production disruption from April due to a global shortage of chips, according to people familiar with the matter, reported. Hyundai’s inventory of chips has become tight and this problem will soon start to lead to a slowdown in production, sources said.

Hyundai has been adjusting production of less popular models, such as Sonata, to save chips, a union official revealed last month.

The official said this month that production of best-selling models such as palisade, new Tucson and Genesis GV has not been affected for the time being, but Hyundai has stopped working overtime and weekend production of less popular models, and has made weekly production plans.



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