5GHz high load only 75 degrees, micro star coreliquid K360 integrated water cooling evaluation

Mpgcoreliquidk360 is the latest integrated water-cooled radiator launched by MSI. As early as during CES, MSI has announced the launch of this AIO water-cooled product with the same powerful performance and function. Unexpectedly, MSI has tested mpgcoreliquidk360, megz590ace and i9-11900k in the form of a set. For a detailed view of the open box, you can see here [View Details].

This mpgcoreliquidk360 is launched before the lifting of the performance ban of Intel’s 11th generation products. The purpose is quite simple. It is aimed at Intel’s new generation flagship product i9-11900k.

Although the i9-11900k is only an 8-core 16 thread processor, with TVB and ABT technology, the single core Rui frequency can reach 5.3GHz, and the multi-core frequency can also reach 5.1ghz. Although the high frequency brings us more powerful game performance, the heat is naturally indispensable.

It’s a pity that we can’t disclose the performance test of i9-11900k, but in order to let you know the performance of mpgcoreliquidk360 more vividly, we used the i9-10850k overclocking to all core 5GHz for temperature test in the later test.

Let’s take a look at the products. Mpgcoreliquidkseries actually has two models, one is k360mm cold mattress, the other is k240240mm cold mattress, which has been sold on the e-commerce platform

In terms of parameters and pricing, mpgcoreliquidkseries products are all flagship products, equipped with torx4.. 0 fan, mystic light RGB lamp effect, built-in embedded water pump fan, and 2.4 inch LCD screen, which are OEM by asetek.

Mpgcoreliquidk360 internal protection is quite good, the internal is custom-made paper holder (anti-collision), each part also uses anti-static bag package (anti graffiti).

There are also many accessories, which can support the current mainstream Intel and AMD platforms. By default, the water cooling head is equipped with Intel platform fastener.

Three 12cm msitorx4.0 fans, double ball bearing design, the maximum speed can reach 2500rpm, can provide the maximum 77.4cfm air volume.

The fan blade is milky white, good-looking, and there are many RGB bright lamp beads inside. The separate ARGB line interface is used to connect with the water cooling head to achieve different RGB lamp effects.

Because there are a lot of functions to be realized on the cold head, the whole motherboard is on the cold head, so there are as many as seven cold head wiring, including: USB communication line, SATA access line, three fans 4Pin wiring, 5vargb wiring, and cpufan speed measurement wiring (connected to motherboard).

Although the thread coming out of the cold head has been combed by using the clip inside, it is easy to be disordered when there are too many threads, which is a headache for the thread management maniac.

Msilog is printed on the side of the case.

The shell can be easily removed by magnetic absorption; at the same time, you can see the 2.4-inch LCD inside and the 60mm embedded cold head fan.

The 360 aluminum cold bar is designed with 12 channels of waterways, and the cooling fins are relatively dense. The thickness of the cold bar is 27mm, which is not too thick. It has good compatibility and can be installed in most of the chassis supporting 360.

There is no place to add water to the cold head and the cold exhaust, so the anti evaporation water pipe is used; the things at asetek outlet are quite satisfactory.

The cold head adopts pure copper bottom design, and the milling process at the bottom is obvious. The bottom of the cold head is convex bottom design by visual inspection, which can fit the CPU better.

This angle makes it easier to see the embedded cold head fan, and its effect is relatively rough and direct, providing better cooling effect for VRM power supply.

Although the installation of mpgcoreliquidk360 integrated water cooling system is relatively simple, it is recommended that you read the manual for installation and how to replace the fasteners on different platforms before use. PS: pay attention to the method of tightening the water cooling head screw, alternating type.

Intel platform needs to install the support at the top and bottom first

Four support columns are installed on the wall

Compact with the support post

Then tighten the screws according to the method of cross screw.

Then cover the upper shell, and the installation of the cold head is completed.

Compatibility is quite good, and there is a little distance between memory

Three torx4.0 fans are installed, and the 8 corners of the fans are equipped with anti vibration rubber gaskets, which can avoid the resonance between the fans.

In addition to good-looking appearance, torx4.0 fan has the advantages of large air volume and low noise

USB communication wiring does need some soul walking method, for the performance and powerful function, please ignore.

It’s installed, so it’s more beautiful whether it’s installed in the chassis or in the console

It is suggested to use tie to deal with the redundant line, so that the whole platform is much simpler

Light test, 2.4-inch after boot is with animation effect, you can also adjust different display content in msicore liquid app or msicenter, including: hardware information, pictures, animation and system time.

Unfortunately, the hardware information display can only display up to 3 items. If we can increase the amount of hardware display information through firmware update later, it will be better.

The display effect is fairly good, with high brightness and clear font. By the way, the direction of the display information can be adjusted. The figure above is the default direction. Here, I change the direction of the supercooling head to make the water pipe closer to the memory.

RGB light effect can only be controlled in msicoreliquidapp. The preset effect of RGB light effect is relatively rich, and I think the better one is rainbow effect. If you want to build a family bucket, you can consider using synchronous light effect, so that all devices supporting mysticlight have the same RGB light effect.

In fact, fan speed is a key point. The software allows us to play with many things, such as fan speed under different fan speed conditions, embedded cold head fan stalling, radiatorfan stalling, etc. of course, for the players who pursue the ultimate, we can use customize to control all fans running at full speed. For gamers, it’s enough to make good use of balance and gamemode. The difference between different modes lies in the different changes of fan speed before each temperature range.

In the test phase, under the load of aida64, the CPU core temperature is 75 degrees. At this time, the processor runs stably for 20 minutes in the full core 5.0 GHZ state.

For a more intense stability test of single baked FPU, the processor is also in full core 5.0ghz state and has passed the test stably. The voltage is 1.378v (the motherboard has quietly added a point), and the temperature has reached 84 degrees. This kind of temperature performance has easily reached the level of 360 row integrated water-cooled radiator.

Some people will ask if the embedded fan works. After 20 minutes in the FPU toaster, we use the thermal imager to monitor the temperature of the motherboard. The highest heat source position is under the GPU, near the graphics card, which has a 46 degree appearance, while the vest position around it is only about 40 degrees, which is quite obvious. After all, the temperature of VRM can be as high as 80 when a single FPU is baked before, and the overheated power supply will easily make the processor down.


The performance of MSI mpgcoreliquidk360 integrated water-cooled radiator is quite satisfactory. After i9-10850k overclocking to 5.0ghz, the load temperature of aida64 is only 75 degrees, the temperature of single baking FPU is 84 degrees, and the temperature of VRM power supply part is only about 40 degrees. It can be said that this kind of temperature comparison is better than most of the current 360mm cold exhaust. Of course, players who pursue silence can set different fan thresholds through coreliquidapp to stop the fan or run at low speed. Through the 2.4-inch screen on the cold head, we can monitor the system in real time, which is very playable. However, there are also some shortcomings, the lack of a few line management belt, so the line is not easy to tie up chaos.

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