To be a strong channel brand in the fashion game industry, the rise of top toy

No one can shake Wandai’s position in Riman industry. Last year, Wandai officially announced its cooperation with top toy as soon as top toy appeared.

Wandaido platform integrates the whole industry chain, from IP, toys to content, and promotes the development of the whole animation industry in Japan. The number one IP of Wandai is Kodak, and its animation, assembled model toys and movies are all popular all over the world.

The former bubble Mart wanted to learn from Wandai, but its focus was too small. It only tore up the market from the incubation of IP, but it also became its dilemma. Top toy takes Wandai as a benchmark from the beginning and strives to be a strong channel brand in the Chaozhou game industry, striving to build a platform for the integration of the whole Chaozhou game industry chain.

做潮玩行业的强渠道品牌商,TOP TOY的崛起之路

Top toy’s product sources are divided into two parts, 70% of which are purchased from outside and 30% of which are owned by themselves. Outsourcing from IP suppliers such as marvel and Disney, or brands cooperating with IP such as 52toys, all stores have sku1500 +, with diversified and comprehensive products.

There are three paths to 30% of our own products. The first is to cooperate with IP parties such as influential animation, TV series and movies to develop multi category peripherals with their own design ability and supply chain ability; the second is to underwrite a certain product or series of products of the brand side, which are exclusively sold by top toy or jointly produced by both parties; the third is to incubate top toy’s original IP.

Sun Yuanwen, founder and CEO of top toy, said that the purpose of launching visualized IP is to ensure the diversification of platform operation, precipitate long-term brand art, and export its own brand style and ability to the market.

做潮玩行业的强渠道品牌商,TOP TOY的崛起之路

During the Spring Festival of the year of the ox, Xinhua News Agency made a global report on the consumption of top toy in Chinese, English and Japan. Japan economic news, an authoritative and influential media in Japan, said in the report that “top toy, a new Chinese fashion game species, is rising strongly to seize the young consumer market.”.

According to the public data, the total passenger flow of top toy Zhengjia store in the first month has exceeded 200000 person times, the daily turnover has remained stable at more than 100000 yuan, and the customer unit price is higher than 200 yuan. In the past four months, top toy has rapidly laid out the core business districts of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Xi’an, Tianjin and other cities, with more than 30 stores to be opened in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and other cities.

The scarcest part of the channel field is the core shop of the core shopping mall. Behind the rapid expansion of top toy, there are abundant funds, teams good at offline operation and the ability to communicate and cooperate with the core channel.



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