Top toy sells farmer Bob, exploding the rush of people queuing up late at night

In the early morning of March 12, there was a long line outside Zhengjia square in Guangzhou. The reason was that the top toy, a collection brand of Asian fashion games, was limited to selling farmer Bob round the world series blind boxes. “Farmer Bob” is a “Internet red” trend toy IP. The image of the protagonist Bob is a small farmer. Within only two years since its launch, the IP has attracted more than 2.6 million fans around the world.

TOP TOY 发售FARMER BOB,引爆深夜排队抢购人流

In top toy Zhengjia store, consumers queue up to buy Bob travel around the world blind box limited issue blind box

The influx of more game player in the market will create more adorable aesthetics. Some people will love the cute baby, and some will prefer uncle Tu. Rural love blind box explodes, archaeological blind box goes out of the circle, farmer Bob makes a sound They are diverting the market’s attention from the once blind box top flow bubble Matt Molly.

Obviously, top toy does not have such anxiety. Top toy has two legs. It pays equal attention to outsourcing and self research. It has cooperated with nearly 100 world-famous IP, including Disney, Sanrio, marvel, Hello Kitty and xiaohuangren. It has signed nearly 200 independent designers and incubated IP in various categories.

In addition, top toy is positioned as the gathering place of Asian trendy games. The main lines of products are “4 + 1” models, such as blind boxes, handmade, GAODA, building blocks, and statues with tens of thousands of yuan. Taking these models as the core categories of sales and experience, it carries out refined management on the crowd of trendy games market, widens the industry track, and reshapes the use scene and consumption logic of products.

TOP TOY 发售FARMER BOB,引爆深夜排队抢购人流

The introduction of farmer Bob IP has successfully ignited the flow of people. Top toy will continue to add weight on the IP, and continue to introduce high-profile, high flow, deep core animation, TV series, and film IP cooperation, so as to create a more diversified business ecology of fashion games. In the medium and long-term planning of top toy, both IP outsourcing and self owned ip should be taken into account. 70% of the products should be outsourced and 30% should be self incubated. New products should be continuously designed to create more purchasing attraction.

TOP TOY 发售FARMER BOB,引爆深夜排队抢购人流

“One recruit, eat all over the sky” is not applicable in today’s market, it is certain that the ceiling of Chaozhou game market will not be a single Molly. It is understood that top toy’s new product plan is in progress. In April, a conference of its own IP will be held, which is a visualized IP like bubble Mart Molly. On the basis of cooperative IP, top toy’s exclusive competitiveness will be built.



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