See you on Monday, March 29! Official announcement of t7s series of stone sweeping robots: shaking the whole audience

&On the morning of March 24, stone technology official micro released a five-day countdown poster to announce that the t7s series of stone sweeper robot will be launched soon.


In the poster, the word “shaking the whole room” is very eye-catching. Some netizens blindly guess that the new product has the function of shaking and wiping the ground. It’s not unreasonable to speculate that “vibration” is really easy to associate with this function. From the T7 series of previous generation stone sweeping robots, stone has brought the sweeping function of the sweeping robot to the extreme. Whether it’s the customized mode of sweeping or the design of sweeping and towing, it makes the sweeping robot more intelligent and brings great convenience to consumers.

It is a big challenge for new products to upgrade the excellent performance of the previous generation of products, and it is also what consumers are most looking forward to. If it is really like what netizens have guessed – Vibration wiping, it can be regarded as a highlight. After all, high performance motor drives mop to wipe the floor, and the cleaning power is incomparable with other sweepers.


In addition, on the evening of March 23, stone technology official micro also released a promotional video, which focused on demonstrating the new motor, suggesting its powerful performance. At the end of the video, the t7s shows a side. It looks a little thick, but from the following figure, it seems to support lifting, not the thickness of the product itself.


In this way, the t7s series of stone sweeping robots should be upgraded in function. For example, when cleaning special areas, it can realize the separation of sweeping and dragging, or it can be convenient to clean low spaces such as sofas and cabinets. In a word, it leaves people unlimited imagination space, and the lifting design has a full sense of science and technology, which is very expected.

Although it’s just speculation at present and everything will be announced on March 29, the T7 stone sweeper robot released in March last year adopts a constant pressure electric control water tank with peristaltic pump scheme and a precise umbrella valve air intake system to ensure smooth water outflow; it is equipped with RR Mason 7.0 algorithm and optimizes the zigzag algorithm to reduce repetition and improve efficiency; and then the T7 stone sweeper robot released in May Pro, upgrade binocular vision obstacle avoidance, equipped with two cameras, can more accurately obtain the information of the object, improve the effect of obstacle avoidance.

It can be said that every new product launch of stone technology has brought about technological innovation in the industry, and the upcoming t7s series of stone sweeping robots will not disappoint.



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