More than 30 new civil airports will be added, and the three-year plan for traffic construction will be highlighted

On March 24, the Ministry of transport held a press conference to introduce the implementation of the 14th five year plan and the acceleration of the construction of a transportation power. At the press conference, Wang Zhiqing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of transport, said that within three years, China will add 3000 kilometers of intercity and municipal railways, 25000 kilometers of newly reconstructed expressways and more than 30 new civil airports.

At the CAAC press conference held on the morning of March 15, the relevant person in charge also said that by 2025, more than 30 new transport airports will be added across the country, striving to achieve a design capacity of 2 billion people. According to the national comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network planning outline, by 2035, the total number of national civil transport airports will reach about 400, which means that in the next 15 years, China will have an average of 10 new airports every year.

The construction of intercity railway and suburban railway is one of the seven fields of “new infrastructure”, and it is also an important support for regional economic development. “The investment driven multiplier effect of urban rail transit is relatively large. Urban rail can not only effectively support the integrated development of urban agglomerations, but also provide new and larger application space for strategic emerging industries including 5g, artificial intelligence and big data, which are equivalent to the category of “new infrastructure”. It can play the role of demand leading and collaborative development for the above technology industries. ” Song Jia, director of the Collaborative Innovation Center for integration of industrialization and industrialization of the Research Institute of mechanical industry and economic management of SASAC, told Beijing business daily.

In January this year, the Ministry of transport issued the “guidance on building a new development pattern of service” and formulated a three-year action plan. In addition to expanding the circulation scale and unblocking the comprehensive transportation channel, it also includes reducing the circulation cost. The Ministry of transport plans to continuously reduce the system cost, factor cost, tax cost and information cost of the logistics system from the perspective of the whole industry chain within three years. We will further standardize and reduce the charges for port shipping, highway and railway logistics, and comprehensively clean up and standardize the charges for enterprises.

At the same time, we should improve the circulation efficiency, build a modern logistics service system, enhance the circulation kinetic energy, actively promote the integrated development of transportation and modern agriculture, advanced manufacturing, tourism, commerce and circulation and other related industries, vigorously develop the hub economy, cultivate and expand the new mode and new business form of transportation.

The green development of transportation is also a hot topic recently. Wang Zhiqing said that the 9th meeting of the Central Committee of Finance and economics clearly required that “the transportation sector should speed up the formation of green and low-carbon modes of transportation” and “encourage green travel”, which provided guidance for the green and low-carbon development of transportation. The Ministry of transport will actively promote the research work related to transportation carbon peak, and promote the comprehensive green and low-carbon transformation of transportation.

In the specific work, the Ministry of transport will promote the construction of green transportation infrastructure, put the concept of ecological environmental protection throughout the whole process of transportation infrastructure planning, construction, operation and maintenance, build green transportation infrastructure, make overall use of resources such as lines and land of comprehensive transportation channels, and increase the integration and utilization efficiency of resources such as shoreline and anchorage. Promote the recycling of waste roads, construction waste and industrial solid waste in the field of transportation construction.

At the same time, optimize and adjust the transportation structure, promote the “transit from rail” to “transit from water” for bulk goods and medium and long distance transportation, vigorously develop multimodal transport, increase the proportion of Container Rail water transport and water water transfer, carry out green travel creation action, and increase the proportion of green travel. In addition, we should strengthen the coordinated control of carbon emission and pollution prevention, accelerate the promotion and application of new energy and clean energy, promote the improvement of energy efficiency of operating vehicles and vessels, strengthen the implementation of vehicle emission inspection and maintenance system, and further promote the implementation of ship emission control zone.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of transport also disclosed the progress of railway innovation. The “outline for the construction of a transportation power” issued in 2019 clearly puts forward that the R & D of technical reserves such as 600 km / h high-speed maglev system, 400 km / h high-speed wheel rail passenger train system and low vacuum tube (tunnel) high-speed train should be reasonably arranged.

Wang Yang, chief planner of the Ministry of transport and director of the Department of comprehensive planning, introduced that the high-speed maglev train has the advantages of friction free, strong climbing ability, energy saving and environmental protection. At present, everyone is very concerned about it. Relevant parties are also actively carrying out research and development work. The platform for research and development, test and trial production has been built, and the test sample vehicle has also successfully run.

“In the next stage, we need to strengthen technological breakthrough, further enhance technological maturity, strengthen economic comparison and operational feasibility analysis, and promote the planning and construction of the project when the conditions are met. The relevant situation will be reported to you in a timely manner.” Wang Yang said.

Beijing Business News (reporter Tao Feng, Wang chenting)

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