Super high performance + high cost performance! New shadow genie 6pro sharp dragon version will be released soon

At the ces2021 exhibition at the beginning of this year, amd released the sharp dragon 5000 series processor based on zen3 micro architecture, NVIDIA brought the ampere architecture to the mobile terminal, and released the rtx30 series notebook GPU. A new round of a + n hardware combination opened the prelude of the game upgrading. Based on this background, many manufacturers have upgraded their product lines, so that the majority of game players can enjoy stronger performance.

Since HP launched the shadow Genie 6 version in 2020, with the outstanding performance price ratio of amdzen2 micro architecture, it has won wide praise in the market. After amd launched the more powerful sharp dragon 5000 series processor this year, HP immediately launched the shadow spirit 6pro sharp dragon version with higher positioning to complement the product line. In addition to the processor upgrade, the shadow spirit 6pro sharp dragon version is also equipped with the latest NVIDIA rtx3070 independent graphics card, which can be called the most cost-effective game book new product in the first half of 2021!

In the aspect of mold appearance design, the brand-new shadow spirit 6pro sharp dragon version continues the family style of design, which is still very simple, while the exclusive omen mark on the metal C surface brings a high degree of recognition. The thickness of the whole machine is controlled at 22.9mm, and the width is shortened by 8%, which is more convenient for players to carry.

With a 15.6-inch large screen on the front, the shadow spirit 6pro sharp dragon version supports 144hz high refresh rate and 72% NTSC gamut coverage, making it easy to compete in electronic games. At the same time, the left and right borders are shortened to 4.97mm, the upper and lower borders are also controlled at 8.6MM, the screen ratio is excellent, and the fuselage becomes more compact.

In terms of hardware configuration, shadow genie 6pro version has been fully upgraded, equipped with AMD sharp dragon 5000 series processor, based on zen3 micro architecture, with further improvement of efficiency and uncompromising performance! Specifically, you can choose Ruilong 95900hx or Ruilong 75800h, and the specifications are 8-core, 16 thread and 16MB three-level cache. Among them, the highest single core Rui frequency of Ruilong 95900hx can reach 4.6ghz, and the highest single core Rui frequency of Ruilong 75800h can reach 4.4ghz.

Amd sharp dragon 5000 series processor can meet the new architecture, multi-core, high frequency and other characteristics at the same time, which makes the performance of shadow wizard 6pro sharp dragon version leap forward greatly. Whether it is complex office scenes with multiple open tasks, and playing 3A masterpieces, or complex high-performance computing such as video editing and 3D rendering, with the blessing of AMD sharp dragon 5000 series processor, shadow wizard 6pro Sharp dragon version can be handy! Proficient in games and productivity, to meet all the dreams of players!

In addition to the AMD sharp dragon 5000 series processor with zen3 micro architecture, the new shadow wizard 6pro sharp dragon version is also equipped with NVIDIA rtx3070 independent graphics card, which is built based on the ampere architecture. It has the second generation rtcore and the third generation tensorcore, which can provide extremely strong game performance, RTX ray tracing effect and dlssai acceleration function.

It is worth noting that players can turn on the fury mode in HP’s omen gaming hub, which can release the power consumption of rtx3070 graphics card to 100W, bringing better performance and further improving the game frame rate. When it comes to HP’s omen gaming hub, the exclusive application of HP’s shadow Genie product line can also provide many functions, such as real-time running status monitoring of the whole machine, switching multiple running modes, so as to take into account the different uses of various application scenarios. In addition, the latest HP game control center (omen gaming hub) also provides a “reward” mechanism, allowing players to accept tasks while playing games and exchange exclusive benefits after completion.

In terms of comprehensive configuration, the shadow wizard 6pro version provides 1tbm.2pice super large capacity solid state disk and dual channel 16gbddr43200 high frequency memory, which makes the game experience uncompromising and fearless of any challenge!

The cooling system of shadow genie 6pro is also commendable. It supports cool storm cooling technology. It is equipped with 8mm main heat pipe and dual 12V three motor fan. Combined with 75.6% rear axle opening rate and 42% bottom opening rate, it not only achieves high-energy hardware performance output, but also ensures low noise, and finally provides a perfect game experience.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to give players a full range of excellent game experience, the keyboard of shadow spirit 6pro sharp dragon version supports 4-zone RGB magic color backlight, combined with 26 key non impact design, which is good-looking and can play!

In details, shadow wizard 6pro version also provides a large number of external interfaces, including three usb3.2gen1 data interfaces, one full-function type-C interface, one HDMI video transmission interface, one RJ45 network cable interface, one 3.5mm headphone microphone interface and one minidp video book interface, which are rich and powerful. For example, using the full-function type-C + HDMI + minidp interface, three monitors can be easily connected externally, and four screens can be formed with the built-in screen to further improve the use experience of game and content creation.

At present, the brand-new shadow spirit 6pro version of sharp dragon has been put on the self operated platform of Jingdong. The guiding price for carrying sharp dragon 95900hx is 10999 yuan, and the guiding price for carrying low configuration version of sharp dragon 75800h is 10499 yuan. At present, the appointment has been officially opened, and it will be put on sale on March 25.

Considering the huge performance improvement of the sharp dragon 5000 processor and rtx3070 graphics card, combined with its own excellent mold design, the new shadow wizard 6pro sharp dragon version can even be used as the new benchmark model of the ten thousand yuan game book! You players must seize this opportunity, perhaps the first buy is to earn!

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