I have to go to the cinema to savor the old movies! Why don’t you try this method?

In recent years, “Avatar” and other old films have been re released, which has attracted many fans. But many fans feel that it is not necessary to go to the cinema. However, the effect of mobile phones and laptops is not good, so many users are entangled. At this time, if you have a projector, it seems easy to watch old movies. You can enjoy blockbusters anytime and anywhere. The recommended viewing device is dangbei D3x. This product is small, noble and luxurious. It can be used as decoration at home, and it doesn’t occupy too much space when moving. It has powerful performance, 1050ansi lumen, and there is no pressure to watch the film while basking in the sun. It has automatic focusing trapezoidal correction, and it has no cost to start. When the use of beos is convenient and various humanized functions, it can make your life full of more possibilities.

When we choose a projector, the first thing we care about is its brightness. It is equipped with 2020 German OSRAM LED technology light source. The brightness of the picture can easily achieve 1050ansi lumen, and it still has a good playback effect in the daytime. After diffuse reflection, the light of the screen light source is soft, which greatly reduces the damage to the eyeball. It is very friendly to friends who want to brush avatar two times and three times. What’s more surprising is that its lamp life is as long as 30000 hours. Even if you watch it for 8 hours a day, you can still use it for 10 years. It’s the favorite of the price performance maniac!

At the same time, so that many small white players Kaku projection correction function, when the bay also made great efforts to adjust. When the shell D3x has the function of automatic trapezoidal correction, it can capture the state of the projection picture in real time, quickly adjust the four sides, and always present the square picture. The high sensitivity gyroscope on the fuselage can sense the change of position and angle in real time. Even if we place the projector at will, the picture can quickly return to square. It doesn’t take much effort for us to sit on the sofa and watch the beautiful picture of avatar!

In terms of screen focusing, when beid3x is equipped with TOF laser sensor, its breakthrough focusing algorithm, whether you want to move beid3x from the living room to the bedroom, and then from the bedroom to the living room, the whole process can quickly get a clear playing picture without manual focusing, and for the renters who need to move the projector frequently, the automatic focusing function will be difficult to use More friendly and convenient.

In the aspect of picture performance, when the Bay D3x is specially equipped with MEMC motion compensation technology, it can make the picture effect more realistic and stable, and the processing more precise. After all, the millisecond level frame compensation technology can effectively eliminate the drag phenomenon of the moving picture, “Avatar” final battle scene and its tense atmosphere can also be clearly presented, giving us an exciting experience.

However, no matter how exquisite the picture is, without the strong sound effect of high-quality live feeling, it’s like a plate of fragrant crayfish to the audience, forgetting to put salt, which is tasteless. Dangbei D3x adopts Japanese high-end silk paper basin, and is equipped with two high fidelity full frequency loudspeakers. At the same time, its EQ, SPL and thd are carefully adjusted by five-star golden ear acoustical craftsmen to present 2.0-channel stereo sound effect for our picky ears. Its built-in powerful Viper sound makes the sound more delicate, and even the thin sound can present a multi-level sense. When the hero of avatar first arrived in Pandora, his excitement for the new environment can also be vividly expressed through the realistic surround sound.

In terms of operating system, dangbei D3x has dangbei OS exclusive to dangbei projection family, which can not only boot without advertising, but also customize your desktop as you like. At the same time, its built-in intelligent memory optimization technology keeps the system in a good state all the time, and the restlessness caused by the jam disappears from now on. Meanwhile, we can use the remote control APP or OS official account to recover the lost remote controller. In addition, dangbei remote app also supports “remote home”, “message board”, “remote video push” and other new play methods, so that smart home life is no longer imagination.

If the kids at home don’t want to go back to avatar with the adults, we can turn the desktop to children mode. When the Bay D3x children’s desktop can not only enrich the video content that children see, help children learn, but also filter bad content and strictly control the children’s viewing time, automatically set the bottom line in content and time, so that children can grow up in a more healthy environment.

Indeed, if you want to review old movies, you don’t have to go to the cinema. A small Dombey D3x projector enables us to enjoy superior brightness, exquisite and fluent picture and moving and lifelike sound effect with extremely simple focusing and correction operation. Such a high-quality dangbei D3x, want to have a little partner to quickly start!



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