How to win the 2021 red dot award in the smart box Z1 Pro

The German red dot award, together with the German if award and the American Idea Award, is known as the world’s three major design awards. It is the most influential competition in the global design competition. The official website of the red dot award says: This design award recognizes the need to discover and recognize new design concepts and innovative achievements, which are the pioneers in meeting today’s design challenges and becoming tomorrow’s outstanding products.

Only unique and excellent design can stand out in the fierce competition of red dot award and obtain this extremely precious honor. But one product won the red dot award in less than two months. How does this young product work? Let’s tell a good story today. Let’s welcome our protagonist: dangbei smart box Z1 Pro!

In our understanding, the TV box is like a square box placed under the TV, like the light cat used to connect broadband. It looks ordinary. But when the shell wisdom box Z1 Pro broke the stereotype, it changed the square shape and chose the slender strip shape. Its overall shape is very low-key. The frosted fuselage and the metal grain on the side make the “plain” TV box full and textured.

The card holder under the TV box gives it a new way of installation. It can be placed flat under the TV like other TV boxes, and it can also be hung on the frame of the TV with a clip. No matter what kind of installation method, dangbei smart box Z1 Pro can rely on its low-key, stable appearance and slender shape to integrate with the TV, without feeling abrupt.

Everyone must have noticed the “big eyes” in the middle of the wisdom box. Compared with the cameras not equipped with other TV boxes, dangbei Z1 Pro is endowed with different “wisdom” functions from other TVs and boxes. It is these distinctive innovative designs that make it win the favor of judges among many competitors and win the honor of 2021 red dot award.

Although the Z1 Pro won the German red dot award only for its exterior design, its inner core is also extremely powerful. AMLOGIC a311d high-end chip is adopted. The processor has a computing power of 5t. It is a leader in the field of TV box and smart TV. It supports 8K decoding technology and hdr10 + high dynamic decoding technology. It can provide silky and delicate pictures and easily handle 3D games and ultra-clear movies.

The camera on dangbei smart box Z1 Pro is not unknown. It is a 2K ultra clear 100 ° human retina camera, which has a wider field of vision and clear image quality, and can efficiently capture human gestures and movements. With high intelligent AI chip, you can play 3D games happily, and also dance in front of the TV to radiate youth.

Dangbei box is equipped with xtensa hifi-3 DSP processing unit, which can reduce noise in all environments, eliminate echo, and support clear pickup at a distance of 5 meters. Through it, you can make video calls with your family and friends thousands of miles away in front of the TV, so that the family friendship can be magnified infinitely.

Dangbei smart box Z1 Pro is a creative TV box. It has higher configuration and performance compared with the same category of products. At the same time, it also has innovative functions such as video call and human-computer interaction that other TV boxes can’t do. He is not only a TV box, but also makes TV more intelligent and brings more fun to family life.

After learning about the exquisite design and powerful functions of this TV box, you may not be able to place an order in front of the screen. In order to celebrate that dangbei smart box Z1 Pro won the German red dot award, dangbei box officially opened the forwarding lucky draw. By forwarding the official microblog link, you can get the chance to participate in the extraction of dangbei box worth 299 yuan. It’s not too late. Go to microblog forwarding to participate in the activity!

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