After 00, Taobao arrangers stack 300000 pieces of clothes a year, “not only the articles but also the mood”


“A year at least 300000 pieces of clothing, help more than 200 families to do finishing storage, home area of two football fields.” As a arranger, Wei Wanqing has a report card. Compared with shopping, traveling and singing, this Post-00 girl has established a very close relationship with housekeeping.

Wei Wanqing in four diamond Taobao shop “An’an finishing” work, this is not her first job, but she has decided to be a life-long finishing division. “In the eyes of many people, we are senior cleaners, and I think the arranger is a designer or even a psychological counselor. By redesigning the living space, we can help customers ease the congestion caused by goods.”

Storage and sorting services from neighboring countries have grown up on the fertile soil of China’s Internet. With the Internet moistening life silently, the arranger may be able to get out of the social circle and become the public from the minority.

00后淘宝整理师一年叠30万件衣服 “整理的不仅是物品还有心情”

“We’re not senior cleaners”

Arrangers need to understand space aesthetics

Two years ago, Wei Wanqing, who was originally a kindergarten teacher, changed to a Taobao arranger without thinking about it. “Now people are too busy to tidy up. This service will be very popular in the future.” Over the past two years, Wei Wanqing has become more and more convinced that her choice is right. I don’t know when she has integrated her life and work. When she went to a friend’s house for a meal, she had to clean up the mess in the kitchen before moving her chopsticks. Even when she went shopping in the supermarket, she had to put the goods on the shelves in order. “My friends say that when it’s time to tidy up at home, you can invite me to dinner.”

In her wardrobe, there are no more than 50 pieces of clothes from all seasons of the year, hanging in a convenient place. Washing liquid, washing beads and other care products are placed in the cupboard that can be reached by the hand next to the washing machine. The bedside table is specially designed with bookshelves. According to the habit, books read before going to bed are placed Easy to handle is an important principle for the arranger to follow when re planning the space.

Wei Wanqing does not agree that the cleaner is the finishing division, “finishing and storage is not a simple service industry.”.

Taking the storage wardrobe as an example, she first needs to divide ABC into three functional areas, and then further adjust them according to the user’s height, weight, quantity, category and frequency of use.

“Zone A is the golden zone, where clothes are most frequently used. Area B is where you can reach but use it for a long time from time to time, while area C is mostly a storage area. ” Wei Wanqing said, “the more things you put up, the lighter they are, and the more heavy things you can’t hold down. In addition to the overall planning, the height and weight of users determine how much the golden area extends up and down and left and right. ” The aim is to prevent “cleaning only once.”.

In the past year or two, Tan Tan, the founder of An’an finishing, has found that more and more young people are willing to join the industry. She is more willing to accept new people with design learning, kindergarten teacher experience and environmental management experience to receive training and stay in the industry.

“The work of cleaners is repetitive, but the situation of family arrangement is very different. The old and new clothes, style and color, the size of the house space, the style of home decoration and even the living habits of the residents all make each arrangement a unique case, rather than repetitive work. ” Tan Tan believes that if you know space design, aesthetic collocation and even ergonomics, you can be regarded as a qualified professional arranger.

“Tidying up is not losing things”

Relieving the emotional blockage of three generations

In terms of the work itself, Wei Wanqing is helping users to design a reasonable living space to ensure smooth and comfortable life. From the emotional point of view, Wei Wanqing’s representative is still doing an emotional work of communication between people and goods.

Wei Wanqing once met a client whose two 150 square meters houses were full of various clothes. Her husband’s bed was also occupied by his wife’s bags and clothes. “Only one third of the space can sleep. Her husband said that he would go to bed with his eyes closed and go to work with his eyes open every day when he went home. He didn’t want to stay at home at all.” “Shopping maniac” is a case that Wei Wanqing often encounters. Some of them are happy to buy, and some are melancholy to buy. However, if they encounter a mountain of goods, they mostly encounter some emotional or psychological haze.

Of course, more common is the case of three generations living in one room. The old people like to accumulate plastic bags, express boxes, egg shells, etc., and put the plastic bags into the gaps between the refrigerator and the wall, between the radiator and the bottom of the shelf. “The old man is used to hard life. He is reluctant to lose things and always wants to keep them. But the young people who live together can’t bear to see the room full of sundries. In the long run, there will be family conflicts. “

In addition, there are some post-95s and post-00s who like to taste fresh food and are scolded by their parents as “unable to take care of themselves”. The more rare users are that their homes are already spotless, and even all spoons should be stored in the same direction and placed neatly, but they still need storage and finishing services.

After two years of experience, Wei Wanqing realized that sorting is not just a matter of giving up. It is the most precious thing for a sorting teacher to straighten out the feelings between people and things and between people. “Sorting out the old things and putting them in the right place is to sort out the master’s mood, or sadness or joy. Even to make old things live in peace with new life. “

Once, after finishing cleaning the room for a family of five, Wei Wanqing got a call from the hostess when she came home. She and her mother-in-law cooked dinner together for the first time in two years. The hostess found that it was not so difficult to work together in the kitchen after sorting out their respective boundaries.

“There’s a shortage of people.”

Internet gives birth to post-90s customers

When it comes to finishing, Wei Wanqing has experienced a career change, while Tan Tan has witnessed the evolution of the industry.

One day 12 years ago, when Tan Tan collected the calligraphy and painting in the client’s study, he said, “can you help to tidy up the wardrobe and living room?” After that, more customers put forward similar demands. Speaking of his career experience, Tan Tan believes that he has found business opportunities from the needs of users and found a broad blue ocean market.

Tan Tan established a finishing studio in 2015, registered in 2017, and officially entered the storage and finishing industry. At that time, An’an had only two or three employees, and the workload was not saturated. Until 2019, the company has ushered in a turnaround.

“Before, the business scope was like a circle, where acquaintances repeatedly placed orders and introduced acquaintances. Now more and more new traffic flows in, making my team more and more people.” In 2019, Tan opened a shop on Taobao, providing online orders and offline services. So far, Tan has served more than 1000 consumers. Her team, from the initial three employees to more than 100 people, is still in the process of recruitment, because the business is so good that “there is a bit of shortage of arrangers”.

“The Internet platform makes the arranger no longer limited to acquaintance economy.” Tan Tan is very determined that the finisher must join the Internet. At present, 70% of the orders of An’an finishing come from Taobao, and only 10% of the orders recommended by acquaintances.

Thanks to the Internet, the number of users in the post-90s and post-90s has shown a trend of occupying half of the “An’an finishing”. “Young people are far more receptive to new things than expected. They are willing to pay for curiosity and better quality. In addition, homestead, limited hands-on ability, lack of time and so on also let the arranger into the post-90s and post-90s life Tan Tan knows where users are and what they should look like.

Indeed, the new generation of young let the finishing division extension can also be expanded. The Post-70s and post-60s love collectibles, so they need professionals to sort them out. The post-80s are more persistent and obsessed with luxury goods. Nowadays, the post-85s-90s have gradually become the main group of people who choose family items, and their living habits have prompted the arrangers to make changes.

“Let more women work”

Industry development gradually standardized

Tan Tan has multiple identities, from a writer, calligrapher and painter to a senior lecturer and founder of the company. Just like Wei Wanqing, from team leader to team leader, from junior consolidation and storage division to senior consolidation and storage division, Tan Tan’s employees are upgrading in terms of salary and working environment.

“In particular, the finishing and storage industry has given more women employment opportunities. After the finishing division is moved to Taobao, the practitioners in different regions will turn to the first tier cities, and the scale of the industry will double.” Tan Tan said.

In Tan Tan’s view, the finishing and storage industry is still in the stage of barbaric growth. Although the industry is on the rise, it has not entered the process of “vigorous” development. If the industry wants to upgrade and get more attention, it needs to realize enterprise branding and industry standardization.

Under the catalysis of the Internet, many non professional people share their daily storage activities through social platforms, but there is a big difference between simple sorting and professional sorting.

Professional finishing division is a full-time work, with people, things, space, as the core, according to the customer’s personal habits, family life moving line to carry out the customized service of family living environment design. But “part time” does not have training skills, and design skills, instant neatness can not bring changes to the lifestyle of the customer’s family.

Tan Tan hopes that in the future, the standardization and standardization of the finishing and storage content, as well as the branding of the industry enterprises, can help the better development of the finishing industry and make the finishing and storage service more normalized and people-oriented, which is no longer the choice of the minority. With the increase of practitioners in the industry and the further subdivision of the industry, the fees will also be adjusted to achieve the overall upgrading of family services.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zhao Weiyi

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