Qianlong Royal Porcelain rarely appears in poly Hong Kong 2021 spring auction Tour Beijing station opens

Beijing business daily (reporter Hu Xiaoyu) from March 24 to 25, some selected auction items of poly Hong Kong’s 2021 spring auction were first shown in Beijing time Museum. The first exhibition in Beijing presented three pieces of modern and contemporary art, Chinese antique treasures and Zhenming fine wine. According to reports, a Qing Emperor Qianlong “Royal doucai plus pastel dark Baxian Fushou pattern octagonal vase” is regarded as a blockbuster auction, which is expected to set a record for the transaction of poly Hong Kong’s most expensive porcelain.

It is reported that this season’s auction of antiques includes four special shows, namely: “huaicangriyue: important Chinese art treasures collected by Duchamp family in France (1)”, “royal color of Chinese porcelain: selection of important Qing Dynasty imperial kiln porcelain”, “yiquyunchuang: Exhibition of literati and Buddhist art”, “Chinese antique treasures”. Among them, Michel Duchamp, a famous antique dealer in Paris, has attracted much attention for his important family collection. “The most rare thing in this auction is that we have collected a number of collections from a single collector in Paris, France. We have planned the special show of” cherishing the sun and the moon: important Chinese art treasures collected by the Duchamp family in France “, which is divided into two parts and presented in the spring auction and autumn auction this year respectively. These collections have been with the collector for more than 40 years, and are rare in the market.” According to Du Jibo, a senior expert of China’s Antiques and curios department, the most important piece of the special auction is Qianlong’s “imperial doucai and famille rose eight immortals vase with auspicious and longevity patterns”. It is a rare gorgeous and elegant work among Qianlong’s Royal Porcelain, and is expected to set a record for poly Hong Kong’s most expensive porcelain ever.

The modern and contemporary art section is led by Nara Meizhi’s large-scale housing installation “Berlin Barak, room 1”. The greenhouse girl and the three sisters (Berlin version) in the installation are represented by canvas and wood respectively. According to poly Hong Kong, this is also a masterpiece of the Nara Meizhi Museum collection, which was presented again in 2019 after the world record for the transaction price of the artist’s three-dimensional works of Nara Meizhi (green house) of poly Hong Kong set at HK $40.12 million.

In addition to Nara Meizhi’s large-scale housing installation, a series of contemporary classic works of China from the 1990s to 2000 also appeared in the modern and contemporary section of poly Hong Kong Spring photography, such as Liu Ye’s tribute to Mondrian’s “for the yellow and blue of Mondrian”, Yu Youhan’s representative works of “abstract” theme spanning more than ten years in different periods, and Liu Wei’s “Ge” which combines the image of mother with his thinking about society Life family series and Zhou Chunya are rich in contemporary literati landscape painting “Chinese landscape”, Wang Yin’s “Untitled”, as well as works of post-70s-80s Chen Fei, Huang Yuxing, Qin Qi, Song Kun and other artists spanning multiple styles. At the same time, Fujita Seji’s representative work of ivory nude girl in 1924, double-sided painting of Ding Yanyong’s lady, resonance of depth, the beginning of Zhu Dequn’s treasure Blue Series in 1987, and Zhu Ming’s more than 2.5 meters Taiji series, which are rarely seen in the market, are also on the stage at the same time.

Yu Qingmin, director of modern and contemporary art department, said: “the modern part is led by Zhao Wuji’s” 12.04.60 “. This important work spans the period from oracle bone inscriptions to wild grass, and the full and strong orange red color is particularly rare in this period. In addition, the portraits of young lady Xiao by Fujita and Ding Yanyong, as well as the character works of Liu Wei and Liu Ye also reflect the multi style full of the times, which is very popular Collectors bring more focused topics. “

It is understood that after the first exhibition in Beijing, poly Hong Kong’s 2021 spring photography tour will also land in Shanghai and Taipei, and officially raise the hammer in poly Hong Kong art space from April 21 to 24.

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