Is Nezha, a new express runner, reliable

Recently, Nezha express, a new Express brand, has attracted attention in the industry. Beijing business daily learned from a person close to Nezha express that Nezha express is currently communicating with local postal administrations and will officially operate after obtaining the express business license. It is estimated that the network will start from the end of June to September. Not only Nezha express, but also Shanghai Jinyuan Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Jinyuan”), which cooperates with China Railway Jisheng logistics, has started to join in the investment promotion. In the current fierce battle of e-commerce logistics market, there are still new people entering the market. Is it cutting leeks or authenticity?

Invite investment without permission

After the rabbit express, the express industry once again ushered in a new brand Nezha express. Similar to Nezha, the brand has been full of controversy since its birth. According to the public information, Nezha Express Co., Ltd. was established in November 2020. It officially started its express business on January 12 this year, and the installation and commissioning of equipment in transfer centers across the country are in progress.

However, the business license information of Nezha express can not be found on the official website of the State Post Office at present, which has also become the core of the doubts of some people in the industry. Is it suspected of violating laws and regulations to invite investment without a license? When consulting the postal law of the people’s Republic of China and the measures for the administration of express delivery business license, the reporter of Beijing business daily saw that the two legal provisions mentioned that “to operate express delivery business, we should obtain the express delivery business license according to law and accept the supervision and management of the postal administration department and other relevant departments; without permission, no unit or individual is allowed to operate express delivery business.”.

The staff of Jiangsu post Administration Bureau told Beijing Business Daily that they have made an interview with Nezha express. If it is suspected of cheating franchisees and other economic fraud, it belongs to the jurisdiction of the public security department, while the post administration bureau is only responsible for the management of the enterprise’s unlicensed express business.

“Because the enterprise is not operating the express business at present, it is only in the preparatory stage, which is suspected of” playing the edge ball, “express professional Xu Yong said,” but on the other hand, the enterprise does need to arrange the site and landing network in advance before applying for the license. Therefore, in order to prevent operational risks and disputes, the enterprise can transfer the franchise money into the bank through a third party, such as a bank If you can’t get online on time or have not been approved, you can return the money to the franchisee. “

New comers enter by borrowing resources

So, in the current fierce competition of e-commerce logistics, what are the plans of Nezha express? How do you plan to start? The relevant person in charge of Jiangsu Guoxin Huaxia Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiangsu Guoxin Huaxia”), the parent company of Nezha express, responded to the reporter of Beijing Business Daily that at present, the company is communicating with local postal administrations, and will definitely officially operate the express business according to regulations after handling the license. The official website will be launched in the near future, starting from the end of June to September.

“We set foot in the express business mainly because we hope to link up other businesses of the group. The express network will start based on its own resources, and will support e-commerce, agriculture, park and other businesses in the future. In addition to express, the express business will also be done later.” The person in charge said. According to Tianyan data, the business scope of Jiangsu Guoxin Huaxia will increase in November 2020, including urban distribution and transportation services, customs supervision of goods warehousing services, food business and food import and export.

At the same time, Shanghai Jinyuan, which is involved in high-speed rail logistics, has quietly started to attract investment and join in recently, and will develop express business. Beijing business daily learned from the customer service staff that at present, Shanghai Jinyuan is mainly responsible for the recruitment of outlets, and the partner is China Railway Jisheng Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Railway Jisheng logistics”), which is responsible for providing high-speed rail transportation resources. The two sides will reach cooperation in August 2020.

Tianyancha data show that China Railway Jisheng logistics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Railway Express Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Railway Express”), which was established in April 2004. Is China Railway Express aware of the joint start of investment promotion by subsidiaries and partners? Is it a company level business layout planning? In this regard, the relevant person in charge of China Railway Express has not made a response to Beijing business daily.

The threshold is quite high and the ambition is not small

Although the entrants are all new recruits, the future planning is “good”. A staff member in charge of Nezha express franchise said that it is currently recruiting first-class franchisees according to urban areas. Shanghai Jinyuan investment promotion materials also show that Shanghai Jinyuan and China Railway Jisheng logistics will cooperate to build “industrial operation management platform”, and plan to build 70 distribution centers, over 21000 express outlets, 300000 “railway e station” community group purchase and community express delivery receiving and sending points in the next two years, so as to realize the systematic operation goal of “integration of warehouse and distribution + community integration”. “At present, 16000 outlets have been finalized. You need to think about it quickly.” The staff in the introduction at the same time to remind reporters.

However, if you want to become a franchisee, the franchise fee and later investment will be a big expense. In terms of Nezha express, the franchise fee of a provincial and municipal branch is 175000 yuan, including 50000 yuan of franchise fee, 100000 yuan of deposit and 25000 yuan of technical fee, while the franchise fee of a county branch is 125000 yuan. “If you go back after signing the contract, the deposit can be refunded, but the franchise fee will not be refunded. Vehicles, venues and personnel are all prepared by franchisees. If you want to become a first-class franchisee, you have to prepare at least more than 4 million yuan. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not do it without logistics experience. ” The staff said.

Shanghai Jinyuan is also recruiting first-class franchisees. According to the staff, they need to pay 100000 yuan of franchise fee and 20000 yuan of deposit. Once they join, they will be contracted for life. The starting time is May 31, and the contract is signed with Shanghai Jinyuan. A franchisee who has signed the contract said that the contract was signed during the interview, and the franchise fee needs to be paid, while the deposit needs to be paid before the operation. When the reporter mentioned the risks caused by the failure of the enterprise to operate the network as agreed, he responded that many people have paid the money, and if this happens, they will sue.

A senior express practitioner told Beijing Business Daily that if you want to join a new brand, you must focus on the qualifications of the enterprise and the real business situation, especially the resources related to e-commerce or logistics. Without business volume, you can’t get up. If it’s not for the endorsement of the fashion industry, it’s of little significance. In addition, when signing a contract, we should also pay attention to the ownership of responsibility after disputes.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zhao Qian

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