Link industry and consumption, Jingdong restructures supply chain, rejuvenates home appliance market

On March 23, the 2021 China home appliances and consumer electronics Expo (AWE), one of the world’s three major annual science and technology events, opened in Shanghai. The world’s top event in the consumer electronics and home appliances industry fully applied network technology and launched the “cloud Exhibition” mode for the first time, allowing the audience to watch the exhibition online without leaving home.

At the exhibition, Jingdong home appliances showed the space-time shuttle house, crowd division exhibition area and brand cooperation exhibition area. With the theme of new life, it showed the changes brought by high-tech innovation such as big data and artificial intelligence to the whole industry chain of home appliances.

Xie fan, President of Jingdong home appliance business division, said in his speech at the summit forum that efficiency improvement and value creation will be the future of home appliance industry. Jingdong uses transaction, service and technology to reconstruct the supply chain and even the whole household appliance industry. “We hope to eventually work with colleagues in the whole industry to improve the quality of life for every group of families in China, and to make every life in China full of brilliance and value,” Xie Fan said.

Through 40 years to see how household electrical appliances bring new life to Chinese families

Over the past 40 years, reform and opening up have brought about tremendous changes in the lives of Chinese people. What used to be three turns, one sound and one click has become today’s big screen ultra clear TV and intelligent Internet home, which makes people feel sad. The awe exhibition area of Jingdong household appliances makes people review the changes of families and household appliances in the past 40 years by means of “time and space shuttle”.

Walking into the first exhibition area of the 1980s, we are faced with the long lost “big head” TV. In the era of CRT technology, it was the idol of the masses. It’s another experience to turn around and walk into the door of the future. If someone really comes from the 1980s, they will suspect that they have come to the alien world: intelligent IOT appliances aroused by voice, fashion design

The reform and renewal of household appliances is actually the epitome of every Chinese people’s pursuit of a better life, brilliance and value. There is a plot of snapping up TV sets in the popular movie Hello, Li Huanying. 40 years ago, people’s demand for home appliances gradually changed from “yes” and “no” to function, technology, innovation, design and so on.

Nowadays, in the face of great changes not seen in a century, China has been in the forefront of the world. What kind of new life should household appliances provide for hundreds of millions of Chinese families has aroused the thinking and heated discussion of the household appliance industry.

For many years, Jingdong household appliances, which has been deeply engaged in big data mining and artificial intelligence technology, has been able to have a profound and detailed insight into the changes of consumer demand in the market, and the c2m reverse customization series products launched in recent years have been highly praised.

“The development of home appliance industry is not the traditional industry in our users’ mind, but an industry that can bring happy life enjoyment and quality life. We must always change users’ traditional cognition of home appliance industry,” Xie Fan said.

Xie fan believes that the future shift of household appliances consumption from low frequency to medium and high frequency, in addition to arousing life and improving cognition, must use continuous technology upgrading and technological innovation to refresh the consumption demand of different groups and really open the ceiling of the industry.

Enabling technology to build supply chain infrastructure

The barrel theory has long been well known by Chinese people, that is, the shortest board determines the upper limit of bearing capacity. To match and create a better life, we need to innovate the whole industry chain of home appliance industry.

In the process of development and growth, JD has completed the role transformation from a retailer to a supply chain based technology and service enterprise, and built a global leading supply chain infrastructure. Using innovative applications such as intelligent supply based on big data, intelligent operation of warehouse distribution and accurate matching of people and goods yard, JD household appliances connects the industrial end and consumer end in series to continuously optimize the cost, efficiency and experience of household appliance industry.

As the saying goes, spring river water warm duck prophet. With a clear insight into consumer demand, Jingdong household appliances reduces costs and improves efficiency for brand production, delivery and operation. Digital and big data enable the brand to accurately locate target users, and promote the continuous upgrading of household appliances manufacturing to “quality manufacturing” and “intelligent manufacturing”.

Taking the commodity supply chain as an example, JD household appliances accurately finds the needs of users through big data, and together with the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain, customizes the goods and functions that consumers need, and realizes the accurate matching of people and goods driven by technology under the support of data.

The “brand Jingdong Pavilion” in several home appliance brand exhibition areas shows the audience how a product from the perspective of c2m reverse customization, from demand mining to brand enterprise production, and finally “flower” consumers, which vividly reproduces the whole process of “Jingpin home appliance” exclusive customized products accurately meeting the personalized needs of consumers.

On the other side of the exhibition area, there are life scenes and home appliance experience areas set up according to the characteristics of people in each circle. “If you want to rejuvenate the life of consumers, you must first segment the consumer demand of the crowd,” Xie Fan said. Demand segmentation is the theme of this exhibition area. Do parents who are worried about their children watching TV know the educational TV with the interactive communication function of online classes and eye protection effect? Do novice mothers who are at a loss know that the specially designed home appliances for mother and child can help her to rest at ease?

Why should the household appliance industry change? “In the future, we can no longer sell all the same goods to all people. We need to sell different experiences to different people to meet their different needs and emotional needs,” Xie Fan said. This is also the meaning of the slogan “renew your life” put forward by Jingdong appliance.

Multi terminal and multi scene ecosystem is the answer of future home appliances

What is it like to buy home appliances in the future?

For the home appliance industry, in addition to product upgrading and service upgrading, retail scene upgrading is also a necessary answer to the future home appliance model.

Xie fan called for attention and redefinition of offline value. “Now, the online and offline are still fragmented, and the supply chain, commodities and traffic have not been opened up. We need to redefine the offline value. Online is inseparable from offline, and offline is inseparable from online. How to realize the integration of online and offline is an important link to improve the efficiency of the industry and refresh the user experience. “

In recent years, Jingdong appliance has been making efforts in the omni channel development mode of online and offline integration, such as Jingxi, which uses the online platform and CPS social e-commerce to sink the market, enterprise purchase for enterprise customers, Kepler, Jingdong five-star appliance, Jingdong appliance store, Jingdong appliance super experience store, etc. Jingdong appliance has formed a multi terminal and multi scene ecosystem, working hand in hand Brand manufacturers explore new scenarios of Omni channel, stimulate new demand, and spawn high-value new products. They link supply and demand from production to marketing, so as to achieve a virtuous circle of new market and new consumption driven by new demand.

In the eyes of consumers, today’s JD home appliances are not only a sales channel for home appliances, but also an experience space for novel home appliances and fashion technology. In the process of online and offline integration, JD can experience the most complete, high-end and fun home appliances. While leading the trend of home appliances, it creates a new way of life for consumers, so that consumers can truly enjoy the experience Truly feel that home appliances can and are refreshing your life.



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