How can cheetah mobile help whoo quickly detonate its brand potential

“It’s the first time for the robot to send a sample. I’m in the wind up circle of friends. After I get the sample, I find that the product after whoo is quite suitable for me. I love it”

Since March 5, cheetah Mobile’s robot Panther vendors have parachuted to the shopping malls of Denis Davidson city in Zhengzhou and BaBaiBan city in Shanghai. The novel shape of the robot, the intelligent and convenient experience of free sample after scanning code and standing collar whoo, set off a wave of queuing to punch in. Many consumers stopped to participate in it. At the same time, it also improved the efficiency of Korean luxury skin care product “the history of Hou”.

机器人发小样撬动消费者,猎豹移动如何助Whoo 后快速引爆品牌势能

Beauty brand offline marketing, how to innovate play quickly gather popularity?

For beauty brands, online, live broadcast, short video and other new play methods emerge in endlessly, while offline, especially in shopping malls with concentrated passenger flow, how can brand marketing innovate play methods and quickly gather popularity?

In terms of offline sample marketing, which is often used by beauty brands, low-cost sample distribution can not only attract the attention of consumers in shopping malls, but also expand the “private traffic” base for subsequent personalized services and precision marketing by transforming them into members. In recent years, with the rising cost of getting customers, the importance of low-cost novelty through small sample distribution has become increasingly prominent. For this reason, major beauty brands have “spared no effort” to distribute small samples through various channels to gather popularity and obtain new members.

However, in offline shopping malls, in addition to the popularity, efficiency and experience to be improved, robots provide a new way to break the situation. What are the advantages of the new robot?

机器人发小样撬动消费者,猎豹移动如何助Whoo 后快速引爆品牌势能

The first is that robots can gather people on a larger scale. The robot with customized modeling and autonomous mobile voice can create more “gimmicks” and further enlarge the brand effect.

Secondly, in terms of customer acquisition efficiency, compared with the traditional manual sample distribution, the robot can continuously send samples and pull new products on a 7 * 24 basis; through the robot screen scanning code to register members and collect small samples, the pull new method is more efficient, and the experience is more convenient and friendly. Compared with the common cosmetics prototype, the robot can actively solicit customers by voice, and the robot with the advantage of fully autonomous mobile has a wider radiation range and accessible consumers.

In addition to sample distribution, robots have more imagination space in diversified beauty brand marketing, such as big data helping brand customers accurately analyze the effect of receiving small sample members; robots selling beauty coupons / products directly attracting consumers to place orders; robots intelligent advertising continuously reaching offline consumers, etc.

Robot sample distribution and drainage become popular, and shopping malls set off a wave of queuing to punch in and out

“The history of” is a luxury Korean brand name from Korea. In the marketing of the sample, this time, through the cooperation with cheetah mobile leopard hawker, the brand effect has been rapidly enlarged, and it has attracted many consumers in the mall to pay attention to the brand official account and become the member and precipitate the brand equity.

At the brand exposure level, the classic product of skin care products disguised as Whoo in Shanghai’s eight hundred companion store is the “high value” robot leopard hawker with the secret sticker essence. It keeps moving around the brand for 5 meters all day long, and attracts voice and high frequency promotion. It has become the focus of discussion while it has also amplified the popularity and heat of Whoo. Many consumers stop in line to punch in and take photos to send to their friends.

机器人发小样撬动消费者,猎豹移动如何助Whoo 后快速引爆品牌势能

More than that, the robot’s performance in customer acquisition is also quite impressive. Compared with the resistance psychology of being stopped by the salesmen to distribute a small sample in the mall, the robot with super high face value and sweet voice makes people “extremely comfortable”: scanning the code to become a member can get a big sample for free, which is fast and interesting. After receiving it, I want to show it off in a circle of friends.

According to the data, in just one week, the number of new members brought by robots for whoo’s post brand has exceeded 1000, and the number is still growing. Compared with the situation that temporary promoters can only distribute more than 50 consumers a day, the efficiency of robots in bringing new members in a single day is nearly five times that of traditional manual workers. Moreover, after receiving the sample, some consumers send out the circle of friends and conveniently go to the nearby brand counter to consult the product use skills, which further enlarges the brand effect and strengthens the connection between consumers and brands.

New force of offline marketing, why is robot the answer?

In fact, based on the consideration of cost control and precision marketing, more and more beauty brands are committed to improving brand potential and marketing efficiency through science and technology. Especially with the help of AI technology, with the working mode of human-computer interaction gradually becoming the norm, beauty brand marketing is ushering in an iterative advancement.

Taking leopard hawker as an example, the robot has the advantages of eye-catching effect, voice active mobile customer attraction, continuous pulling and new drainage all day, and wider radiation radius. It can not only help the shopping malls with online and offline passenger flow gather popularity and enlarge brand influence, but also obtain members for brands efficiently. In the future, through continuous innovation, robots are expected to bring more imagination to the marketing of beauty industry in terms of promoting orders for goods / coupons sales, accurate insight into member behavior preferences by big data, and intelligent advertising to enhance exposure.

It is reported that next, cheetah Mobile’s robot Panther vendors will also appear in shopping malls in Changchun, Changzhou, Nanjing and other cities, helping to link more new members to whoo’s post brand. More than whoo, leopard peddler’s new way of playing Pai Yang LA has also attracted the attention of other beauty counter staff. A well-known domestic brand of skin care and make-up has incorporated cheetah mobile robot into the new force of offline drainage, and the relevant creative ways of playing are accelerating online.



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