Grasp the market trend, JD appliance continues to help the accurate matching between consumption and retail

At the time of the transition, it is necessary to sum up the past and plan for the future.

Recently, the China Institute of electronic information industry released the report of China’s home appliance market in 2020. According to the data, the retail volume of China’s home appliance market will reach 833.3 billion yuan in 2020, and the contribution rate of e-commerce channels to home appliance retail will exceed 50% for the first time. High end products and household appliances will grow significantly, effectively promoting consumption upgrading and industrial transformation. This not only shows the resilience of the home appliance industry under the impact of the epidemic, but also indicates that 2021 will usher in a new stage of industrial development.


As a promoter of the Internet upgrading and transformation of China’s home appliance industry, Jingdong home appliance put forward the brand slogan of “rejuvenate your life” at the beginning of the year, making an overall strategic adjustment. On March 23, at the China home appliances and consumer electronics Expo (awe2021) held at Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center, Jingdong home appliances also participated in the exhibition with the theme of “renewing your life”, making its booth a super show for this awe high-quality home appliances and new products.


Ten years ago, the price of home appliance market was opaque, the quality was uneven, and the service was not guaranteed. With higher efficiency, lower cost, better service, and greater concessions, the online shopping of home appliance initiated by Jingdong hit the pain point for consumers. In 2013, aiming at the remote after-sales problem that consumers worried, Jingdong home appliance launched 30 day price protection, 30 day return for quality problems, and 180 day return for quality problems The 30-30-180 service of problem swappable has greatly improved the service level of home appliance retail industry. At the same time, relying on innovative services such as fast home delivery, installation fee capping and 0 yuan installation, it provides consumers with maximum guarantee services. In 2017, JD home appliances officially launched the “little secretary of JD home appliances” service to solve the problems of no one-man recycling of old home appliances, difficult to make an appointment for cleaning home appliances, and disorderly charging for maintenance of home appliances, so as to solve users’ logistics information, after-sales orders, and price protection applications in a one-stop way All the household appliances consumption problems For the needs of users, it can be said that JD home appliances has a response to everything and a foothold to everything!

The brand proposition of “rejuvenate your life” is exactly the choice of Jingdong appliance after having insight into the market trend and exploring the new needs of users. We will continue to make use of our big data advantages, constantly explore the product trend function points and the demand points of consumers’ new scenarios, and jointly launch more new products and services in line with consumers’ personalized needs, so as to help consumers rejuvenate their quality of life.

In terms of the industry, for many years, with the forward-looking insight into market trends and user needs, JD household appliances has become the most trusted partner of household appliances brands. In order to help the cooperative brands upgrade and create high-quality products that are more in line with the personalized needs of consumers, with its own long chain and high-value consumption big data, Jingdong appliance provides decision-making basis for household appliance manufacturers from user insight to product selection, pricing, procurement, performance and prediction, and helps them create new business and profit growth points. The mode of mutual empowerment and integration shortens the new cycle of household appliances, greatly improves the supply capacity of new products and the conversion efficiency of popular products, and provides new opportunities and innovation direction for household appliances brand consumption and retail enterprises.

With the all-round cooperation of Jingdong household appliances and domestic and foreign household appliance enterprises, the power of the development of household appliance industry in the direction of intelligence, health, differentiation and personalization is more sufficient, which will further accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of China’s household appliance industry and achieve new breakthroughs!



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