Cultural self-confidence starts from dolls, melon dragon enlightenment helps children shine brilliantly

Recently, CCTV created the interactive national style youth program “go online! “Colorful youth” is popular all over the Internet, and the diversified stage shows make netizens marvel at the teenagers’ exquisite talents and their deep understanding of traditional culture. The popularity of this program is only a miniature of the highly respected traditional Chinese culture in recent years. As a big historical and cultural country, Chinese traditional culture is broad and profound. With the rise of a big country, inheriting Chinese culture and building cultural self-confidence has become an important task of the times. It has also become a necessary ability to help a new generation of children stand on the international stage. As the basis of inheriting traditional culture, the Enlightenment of Chinese subject has been widely valued by educators and parents both inside and outside the school.

With the development of 80 / 90 parents’ awareness of enlightenment and innovative technology, AI language enlightenment course has become one of the most popular educational products for parents in the new era. As a systematic Chinese enlightenment product for 3-7-Year-old Chinese children, the course adopts the form of AI recording and broadcasting. Through creative animation class and real person recording and broadcasting, children in the Enlightenment period can establish a deep interest in Chinese learning through interesting interactive experience, subvert the traditional rote learning, and truly realize happy learning.

3-7-Year-old children prefer to learn enlightenment lessons, and guagualong language has become the preferred brand of the new era

Guagualong enlightenment Chinese discipline has been on-line since now. It not only brings innovative Chinese enlightenment education ideas to Chinese parents, but also helps many children to improve their Chinese ability and accumulate traditional Chinese culture. It is reported that not only outstanding students of guagualong’s enlightening language discipline participated in the national variety show “happy camp” to perform traditional ancient poems with children’s songs for the national audience, but also dozens of primary school members of guagualong’s Choir boarded the stage of CCTV children’s channel “the sound of Silver River”. The wonderful performance made parents and children truly experience the unique charm of traditional Chinese culture. With the help of the official platform, the melon dragon Enlightenment has rapidly become a popular national enlightenment brand among young Chinese parents, and has become a more popular enlightenment lesson for children aged 3-7.


(cucurbit dragon primary school students participate in the voice of Silver River on CCTV children’s channel)

Young children need professional courses and Enlightenment guidance in the process of learning Chinese knowledge and cultivating Chinese culture literacy. Guagualong enlightenment Chinese discipline has carried out unique and innovative curriculum development and design. In terms of material selection, guagualong enlightenment language not only selects classical children’s literature materials such as ancient poems, idioms, stories, fables and picture books suitable for children’s enlightenment, but also carefully selects a small number of exquisite children’s literature relics to organically match the course contents and comprehensively supply children’s learning needs; in terms of language, guagualong enlightenment language discipline pays special attention to the art of literary language We hope to stimulate children’s interest in language and improve their perception of the beauty of Chinese characters.

The curriculum of guagualong enlightenment Chinese includes animation classroom, practice, poetry and children’s songs, learning Chinese characters, classroom test and other modules. Children can not only obtain various types of knowledge learning, but also complete the complete learning loop of learning review test report in one class, so as to truly achieve learning. Among them, the immersive animation classroom of guagualong enlightenment Chinese subject created by AI innovative technology not only skillfully integrates IP plot and Chinese knowledge, but also combines with infectious background music to mobilize children’s emotional perception ability by using synaesthesia, so that children can experience the scene in 5-7 minutes’ animation story, and absorb Chinese knowledge more clearly and deeply.


(animation classroom learning scene of Gua long enlightenment Chinese subject)

What is more worth mentioning is that the curriculum of guagualong enlightenment Chinese pays more attention to the transmission of cultural ideas, spiritual guidance and values behind Chinese knowledge. For example, in the learning of idioms and allusions in “Wen Ji Qi Wu”, the course vividly reproduces the scene of the protagonist “Zu ti” getting up to practice martial arts whenever he hears the crow of a rooster in spring, summer, autumn and winter through animation. It also explains the excellent qualities of “diligence, persistence and patriotism” conveyed by the idiom “Wen Ji Qi Wu” to the children through the “Sinology classroom”, which subtly helps the children to learn martial arts At the same time, we should guide children to establish a sound personality and positive values from childhood.

To create high quality learning experience, professional enlightenment is deeply trusted by parents

Excellent children need excellent curriculum shaping. As the cornerstone of children’s growth and progress, enlightenment education needs professional and scientific curriculum assistance. The team of guagualong’s Enlightenment Chinese discipline knows this very well, and always runs through every link, such as teaching philosophy, curriculum research and development and product design, to create a higher quality Enlightenment curriculum for Chinese children Experience, which is also an important reason why melon dragon enlightenment language is loved by more parents and children.

“Guagualong language is very fine in both curriculum and picture design. Children like it after learning it once.” At present, melon dragon enlightenment language has accumulated a large number of loyal parents and users, and is witnessing the progress and growth of more and more children. Some parents said: “before, children were learning in the face of bare books. Ancient poetry and Chinese characters were taught in the front and forgotten in the back. Through the way of cucurbit melon dragon singing ancient poetry, they learned to listen to a poem several times and sing it repeatedly at home. Now they take the initiative to learn cucurbit melon dragon every day!” More parents believe that the teaching method of guagualong enlightenment Chinese is very suitable for young children, and children can adapt quickly. It is believed that under the guidance of professional science enlightenment, children will build up cultural cognitive ability and learning ability from childhood, and also accumulate more profound Chinese literacy.

To carry forward the excellent Chinese culture and show the self-confidence of a big country is our mission and responsibility entrusted by the times, which requires not only learning and inheritance, but also breakthrough and innovation. As a brand of innovative education and enlightenment, melon dragon enlightenment language discipline is committed to making children acquire more diversified literary knowledge in the curriculum, improving their cognition and understanding of Chinese traditional culture, helping children to be inheritors and innovators of traditional culture, becoming more confident colorful teenagers, and letting Chinese excellent traditional culture burst out more vitality in the future .



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