Big directors and stars swarming into online movies: is “face changing” popular

Unlike almost all directors and actors who have just appeared or have not yet gained popularity in the previous online film market, more and more “familiar faces” appear in online film works. For example, the current hot film “Madame boss” is directed by director Wang Jing, and another relatively hot online film “my fair father” also has Lin Xue, Wang Chengsi, Wang Ning and other actors The figure of the staff. However, the presence of well-known directors and actors in online movies can, to a certain extent, make the relevant works get exposure at the beginning of their birth, but it can not make all works well-known and popular. This also makes the industry re-examine the advantages and challenges of “familiar faces” in online movies.

Familiar faces appear frequently

Recently, an online movie called “landlady” has been in high popularity. According to the professional edition of cat’s eye, the film has been ranked among the top three online movies in the popularity list of cat’s eye since it was launched on March 16, and it even topped the list on March 17. According to iqiyi platform data, as of 18:30 on March 24, the cumulative number of people watching the film was 2.394 million.

The high popularity of “Madame” has attracted a lot of attention. What is more noteworthy is that the creative team behind the film can not be underestimated, especially the director and screenwriter of the film are Wang Jing, who is the representative works of “God of gamblers”, “nine grade sesame officials” and “the situation in Macao”.

The scene of famous directors or actors entering the online film market is more and more frequent nowadays. In addition to “Madame boss”, the online movie “counterattack”, which was launched a month ago and is still popular in the cat’, is directed and played by Zhao Wenzhuo, who is familiar to people. He plays the dual role of director and actor. In addition, the online movie “my fair father”, which has just been online for a week, has actors such as Lin Xue, Wang Chengsi and Wang Ning.

As for the frequent appearance of familiar faces in online films, film critic Liu he believes that this also reflects the rapid development of the online film market and attracts more practitioners’ attention. “In the past two years, online films have continued to be in a stage of rapid development, and the single split box office has also set new records for many times, proving the potential space of the market. In addition, the film market has been greatly affected in the past year Under the impact of the external environment, theaters once suspended business, so more people’s attention will be focused on the field of online movies, and more well-known directors or actors will be attracted to participate in the future. “.

Word of mouth varies

It is undeniable that the addition of well-known directors and actors has attracted a lot of attention in the early stage of the birth or launch of relevant online film works, increased the market exposure, and played a certain role in the later accumulation heat. Many viewers left a message saying that they chose to watch the film only when they saw a big director or a hot actor in the film. However, this does not guarantee the popularity of online films.

Take “Madame” as an example. Although the film has Wang Jing’s endorsement, according to Douban film, as of the press release of Beijing business daily, the score of the film is only 3.7 points, and the score of two stars and one star accounts for 40.8% respectively, while the score of three stars and above accounts for less than 20%. In addition, in the professional edition of cat’s eye, the score of “landlady” did not reach the pass line, only 5.7 points.

After watching the film, Mr. Zhang commented that the plot design of the film was rather awkward, and he doubted whether he was watching a work directed and written by Wang Jing. At the same time, there is also a message from the audience on Douban film that “in addition to the fine arts, other places are rigid and stiff, not the acting skills of the actors, but the plot and lines, all of which seem to be for fun.”.

It’s not just “the landlady”, “my fair dad” and “counterattack” won a comprehensive score of 6.5 and 6.7 respectively in cat’s eye professional edition, but failed to reach the pass line in Douban film, with a score of 4.8 and 4.9 respectively.

“The audience’s evaluation criteria for online movies will not be different because they are broadcasted in theaters or online, nor will they be reduced because of the participation of well-known directors or actors.” Director Huang Zhiyong said that although the audience’s needs and requirements for the film are different, they all have their own bottom line. If they break through the bottom line or fail to meet the audience’s expectations, the audience will not buy it for any reason. Therefore, online movies should not only attract the audience, but also retain the audience with their works.

Double edged sword effect

At this stage, online film has indeed become an important part of the overall film market, and its contribution to the film industry is also gradually improving.

According to the annual report of China’s online film industry in 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the report), there will be 1089 new films in China in 2020, among which 784 new films will be released online, accounting for 72% of the total number of new films, and the proportion will increase significantly compared with that in 2019. Under the trend of cinema shutdown and the overall decline of the film market, the online broadcast performance of online films will grow against the trend in 2020, and the market share will further increase.

In terms of broadcast volume and box office, the report points out that in 2020, the total number of positive films in Shangxin online films will be 7.6 billion yuan, an increase of 59% over the same period of last year, 79 films will break through 10 million yuan, an increase of 41 films over the same period of last year, and the box office scale of 10 million level films will be 1.39 billion yuan, an increase of 125% over the same period of last year.

In Liu He’s opinion, the participation of some big directors and high-profile actors in the shooting and production of online movies can actually drive the overall development of such works and inject more resources and vitality, which is a positive impact on the further development of online movies. But on the other hand, it is difficult to avoid the double-edged sword effect, that is, the creators with higher visibility will let the audience have more opportunities in the early stage Higher expectations and requirements will easily lead to more disappointment once they fail to meet the expectations. This situation will not only appear in online movies, but also in other film and television works.

He Yuanfei, the screenwriter, told Beijing Business Daily that in recent years, online movies have been developing in the direction of improving the quality. However, if the film and television market as a whole is in the adjustment period, it will take a process to realize the high-quality development of online movies. Although more practitioners who have been working in the industry for many years have entered the online movies, there are still some problems The creative teams who enter the market or are relatively lack of experience have tried online movies, so the optimization of the whole market needs to be gradually realized.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zheng Rui

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