Last night and this morning: Xiaomi acquired Zimi’s shares, and the company’s top personnel changed_ Driving China

&March 25, 2021 driving China last night and this morning

昨夜今晨:小米收购旗下紫米股权 公司高层人事发生变动 _驱动中国

Xiaomi announced personnel changes: after Zhou Shouzi left office, Lu Weibing took over as president of International Department

According to, Xiaomi group announced that Zhou Shouzi had resigned as executive director due to family reasons, effective from March 24, 2021. At the same time, Zhou Shouzi has resigned from the position of president of the International Department of the company, and Lu Weibing, a partner and senior vice president of Xiaomi, will take over the post. In addition, Lu Weibing will continue to serve as president of China and general manager of redmi brand.

It is understood that Liu De has been appointed as an executive director and will continue to serve as a partner, senior vice president and head of Organization Department of Xiaomi. Liu De is now responsible for the recruitment, promotion, training and evaluation of the middle and senior management of Xiaomi, as well as the organizational structure design and approval procedures of various departments. Liu De is a director of many member companies of Xiaomi.

At the same time, Zhou Shouzi announced his personal whereabouts. As a Singaporean, he will return to Singapore and join the company as CFO. Lei Jun said on his micro blog: “brothers who have been fighting together for six years have all kinds of difficulties. I still wish Zhou’s students a wonderful life, courage and endless future

Geely and Volvo set up a joint venture company, mainly engaged in on-board intelligent system

Geely holdings group said last night that its ECAT technology and Volvo will set up a joint venture to jointly develop a new generation of vehicle intelligent operating system suitable for the global market, fast technology reported. The joint venture, which will be based in Gothenburg, Sweden, is expected to be officially put into operation in the third quarter of 2021, with Jan Erik Larsson, Volvo’s head of R & D in China, as CEO.

According to reports, the joint venture company will develop a new generation of on-board intelligent operating system with application ecology and service capabilities in the global market, providing users with more intuitive, more personalized and higher quality intelligent interactive experience. The system can also provide customized user interface to adapt to different brands.

Volvo car group will apply this system to the new generation of its brand models, and ECAT technology will be the only partner of the joint venture to provide customized business cooperation based on this system for other automobile manufacturers in the global market.

According to the data, ECAT technology is an automobile intelligent technology company founded in 2016. It was co founded by Li Shufu and Shen Ziyu. The company focuses on core technology products such as automobile chip, intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, high-precision map, big data and cloud platform of Internet of vehicles.

Xiaomi acquired 50.9% of Zimi

According to, Xiaomi group announced that it plans to acquire 50.09% equity of ZIMI International Corporation at a total price of US $205 million. Zimi, a brand of the target group, is committed to the R & D and manufacturing of high-end intelligent accessories and intelligent hardware, including chargers, wireless chargers, data lines, smart phones and other products.

Tesla announced the price increase of model y. The price rise of battery materials may be the main reason

According to Netease, Tao Lin, vice president of Tesla’s foreign affairs, said on her microblog yesterday that the 8000 yuan price increase for model y on sale will take effect today, and customers who have already ordered will not be affected by the price increase.

In a report to investors, analysts at Goldman Sachs warned that growing demand for electric vehicle batteries would lead to soaring prices for key materials. This, in turn, will drive up battery prices by about 18%, thereby cutting profits for electric vehicle manufacturers, which account for about 20% to 40% of vehicle costs.

Analysts predicted the impact of the price trend of lithium, cobalt and nickel on the cost of electric vehicle manufacturers. They believe that if lithium prices return to record highs, manufacturers’ costs will more than double. The price of cobalt will also double, while the price of nickel will rise by 60%.

Analysts said that if nickel prices hit an all-time high of $50000 a ton, the price of each electric vehicle could increase by $1250 to $1500, which could reduce consumer demand for electric vehicles.



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