Real me GT Neo rendering released inspiration from cyberpunk culture

On March 25, realme officially released the rendering of realme GT Neo.

真我GT Neo渲染图公布 灵感来源赛博朋克文化

According to the published rendering, the back of zhenwo GT Neo fuselage adopts splicing design, and the rear camera module is similar to the new zhenwo GT product recently released. The fuselage exudes the color of science fiction neon, the visual effect is very cool. The back cover of the fuselage is micron matte process, which brings better hand feel.

真我GT Neo渲染图公布 灵感来源赛博朋克文化

According to the introduction, the new main color of real GT Neo: Final Fantasy, the design inspiration comes from “cyberpunk culture”, the colorful fuselage with a sense of future symbolizes “cyberpunk”, and the design of box logo is a tribute to “punk”.

真我GT Neo渲染图公布 灵感来源赛博朋克文化

In other configurations, zhenwo GT Neo will use Tianji 1200 flagship chip, equipped with 3D toughened liquid cooling system. This mobile phone will support one click “GT mode”, game lightning start, 4D vibration, and surreal enhanced image quality to enhance the game experience.

Real me GT Neo will be released on March 31.

Author: Liu mingpeng



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