Rica | Italian Rica shampoo saves hair quality, what Italian shampoo works well?

Summer scalp care, exfoliation, is the first step is also an important step. If you don’t know how to exfoliate, feel free to give it to Rica shampoo!

Scalp is the soil for hair growth. Only when the scalp is healthy can the hair grow healthily. The sweat flowing in summer, the dust in the air, the oil secreted by the skin Fusion together, is a healthy scalp “big killer”, over time will affect the metabolism of scalp cutin. In order to match the stage makeup, star artists always dye and shape frequently, but even so, the hair on the stage is still shining and moving. Do you want to dye and perm as often as they do, but your hair is still soft and bright?


1. Rica Qingheng Shampoo

Say byebye to the oil head, wash out the fluffy air. Adding Urtica extract can regulate oil secretion. Salvia ingredients can also balance the flora and relieve inflammation.

2. Rica Soothing Shampoo

Protect the scalp, let the hair have no “scurf” to hit. Inhibit the formation of oval dandruff spores, block the formation of dandruff, stop itching. It can also supplement a large amount of protein, vitamins and minerals for the scalp and regulate the healthy state of the scalp.

3. Rica Yirun Shampoo

Bifurcated and knotted byebye makes your hair moist and smooth. Gentle shampoo can repair the tenacity and elasticity of hair. Mild texture, can let the hair to maintain a full state of moisture, restore health and luster.


Triple nutrients, gently remove the deposition of keratin, to the scalp salon care!

Cleaning power of volcanic stone

The cleaning power of volcanic stone is well known. It can not only filter impurities, but also absorb bacteria and metal ions. Rica scrub adds precious tiny volcanic stone, which can quickly, lightly and gently remove dirt and impurities from hair and scalp.

Repairing power of wheat protein

Keratin is to hair what collagen is to skin. Excessive loss of keratin in hair will cause the hair to be fragile and thin, dry and dull. Wheat protein in Rica scrub can penetrate into hair roots and hair follicles to moisturize, repair and strengthen damaged hair. It can also form a protective layer, soften hair and reappear luster.

Ceramide nourishment

40% ~ 50% of sebum in stratum corneum is composed of ceramide, which plays an important role in maintaining water balance in stratum corneum. The addition of ceramide in Rica scrub can take care of your scalp and inject a lot of nutrition into your scalp just like the facial skin.


Neutral pH value, suitable for all kinds of hair quality

Ordinary shampoos are alkaline. Because the alkaline shampoo has a good decontamination effect, but it has damage to the hair, so that the hair scales open, become rough, not easy to take care of. While Rica scrub, with neutral pH value, can keep the cleaning power without damaging the hair, so it is suitable for all kinds of hair.

Master the effective way to add nutrients to hair, hurry to practice it! Together with yuejiali, use Italian Rica shampoo to wash out goddess’s hair, easy and flat, soft, dry saygoogbye!



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