Is the gym too boring? It can also have a fitness coach at home

Nowadays, fitness has become a fashion, but there are impulsive consumption and being cheated consumption in the fitness card market. After a little calmness, consumers find that they are impulsive and even “fooled”. Therefore, the local government began to set up a “seven day cooling off period” to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. If you are interested in fitness and don’t want to go to the gym to get a card, it may be a good choice to set up a family gym by yourself. At this point, starting a dangbei Z1 Pro smart box may be the right choice. It is small in size and can be turned into a smart screen when it is placed on the TV. Its built-in AI fitness, happy Parkour and other functions can help users exercise. If you want to get rid of the body fat, it’s better to start with the Z1 Pro smart box.

First of all, when the beta Z1 Pro smart box is most attractive than the new generation 6-core processor. Equipped with the powerful high-end core of AMLOGIC a311d, it has the ability of high-speed image rendering, and provides us with amazing master image quality. It can easily handle 3D games and super clear blockbusters, and let us forget to return with only image quality.

In addition, dangbei smart box Z1 Pro also has 8K decoding technology and hdr10 + high dynamic decoding technology. It is compatible with multiple high dynamic decoding standards such as hdr10 +, hdr10 and hlghdr, and supports frame by frame rendering. It gives us a shocking experience in terms of picture clarity and color level.

With exquisite pictures, but also have high-quality sound effect foil is perfect! Dangbei smart box Z1 Pro output through optical fiber, high quality restore audio, support lossless playback; built in hi fi decoding chip, use dangbei cool dog music experience Viper sound effect blessing, Al video Adaptive, DAC dynamic optimization decoding, can carry out acoustic optimization according to the scene. Up to support 7.1 channel home theater audio output.

At the same time, it also has Apple’s same xtensa hifi-3 DSP processing unit, all environment noise reduction, echo cancellation processing, easy to deal with all kinds of environmental noise, built-in far-field interactive acoustic algorithm, all environment noise reduction and pickup mic array together, support 5m ultra long distance high fidelity pickup, use dangbei smart box Z1 Pro long-distance video call, clear restore the dialogue scene, let us enjoy the big screen communication. And this function also supports mobile phone / iPad interconnection, which is very convenient and intelligent. Sports, chat with friends, instant is not so boring.

In the process of video call, the 2K ultra clear 100 category human retina camera built in the Z1 pro of dangbei smart box can broaden our vision. At the same time, its visual optimization algorithm makes the lens present a natural and undistorted beauty effect, and the face that gets up in the morning or goes to bed at night without any defense can also be perfectly modified. At night or in dark places, its glow photography technology can customize large screen night vision algorithm, so that we can smoothly carry out video chat even in a dark environment.

In addition to making video calls with friends to relieve fatigue and boredom during exercise, we can also open the somatosensory game equipped with dangbei smart box Z1 pro to enhance fun. It has AI neuron computing power and 2K ultra clear camera. By combining the camera to capture body movements, it can easily achieve a variety of interactive ways, such as somatosensory games, sports fitness and so on. Left Dodge, right flash, jump up, squat and other actions are easy to complete, the exciting level is our entertainment. There are more real-time rankings in the system, so that we can PK online with global players, adding more passion.

If you don’t want to play somatosensory games, but want to keep fit, we can immediately open the AI fitness function of dangbei smart box Z1 pro, and make it your exclusive fitness private education. With one screen and two pictures, we can feel the coach’s company all the time. At the same time, dangbei wisdom box Z1 Pro provides many fitness contents, such as increasing muscle and reducing fat, yoga exercise, Chinese medicine regimen, which greatly enriches our fitness methods. And AI algorithm posture real-time correction, let us master scientific fitness skills.

With perfect picture quality and sound effect, AI fitness, happy Parkour and other functions, dangbei Z1 Pro smart box is an excellent assistant for us to get rid of the fat and increase the muscle. When we exercise, we listen carefully to the coach’s guidance and accept the real-time supervision of AI, so that we can complete the great cause of weight loss. Do not want to exercise, with the mobile phone screen play their favorite movies, never become a fitness card such empty big!

By Ellen



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