Replace the cover, cheap and beautiful fixed focus lens recommended

With the image strength of mobile phones becoming more and more excellent, in the past, only the camera can take pictures. At this stage, most of the mobile phones can get good records, and are more convenient to use. However, the traditional camera market still has its place. Because of the advantages of larger sensors, richer post space and more customizable options, the camera sticks to its one mu three Fen land. And there are also many users who upgrade from mobile phone photography to camera photography. As a novice camera, what’s a better choice to further improve the image quality? This issue is to look at these cost-effective fixed focus lenses.

Why do you need a fixed focus lens?

First, let’s see why we need a fixed focus lens. Judging from the current situation, most people buy new cameras from entry-level and mid-level cameras. This part of the camera is often based on APS-C frame (commonly known as residual frame, half frame). As entry-level cameras, most of them are equipped with lenses such as 18-55mm f3.5-5.6, 18-105mm f3.5-5.6, 18-140mm f3.5-5.6 and 16-50mm f3.5-5.6.


Let’s take a look at these lenses, starting from 16 or 18mm to 140mm at most, which can effectively cover a series of focus segments in daily life, from wide angle to portrait, still life and so on. It can be said that camera manufacturers provide a more convenient environment for beginners. But what we notice is that the advantages of these lenses in the wide-angle end of 16 or 18mm are equivalent to those in the hand Compared with the wide-angle camera, the perspective of the camera may not be as wide as that of the mobile phone. In the case of long focal length, because the camera head is not a constant aperture lens, the aperture will drop when using a long focal length, and the decline of aperture means that the subject needs to be further considered when using better brightness and better virtualization effect.

Compared with the entry-level socket, although the fixed focus lens can’t change the focal length in one lens row, it can make a larger aperture and achieve a better effect of shallow depth of field due to the fixed focal length. And because the fixed focus lens is basically for a focal length, there is no need for conversion between focal lengths, so it means that the structure of the fixed focus lens will be simpler, and it can achieve better imaging quality in a smaller volume.


The novice is familiar with the operation of the camera after using the condom for a period of time. Having a focusing lens can help them make better composition, experience the difference between different heads, and further feel the charm of the image. Compared with the sleeve, the fixed focus lens with large aperture is a good choice.

Focus segment selection of fixed focus lens:

Generally, the focal length of the fixed focus lens that we commonly see in the market is 35mm, 50mm and 85mm. So what’s the difference between these shots?

Take the standard 135 full frame camera as an example, 35mm, is a classic portrait, human focal lens, known as a small wide angle. But it does not have higher distortion and better effect than some ultra wide angle lenses.

50 mm, which is closer to the focal length of human glasses, so it is also a more classic humanistic “magic oil” lens.

85mm, is a medium and long focus lens. It has excellent performance in shooting close-up of people and capturing people with large layout. However, when it is used indoors, the user’s technique of expression is considered.

This is the focal length on the standard 135 frame. On the entry-level cameras, APS-C frame and M43 frame are mostly used. At this time, the corresponding coefficients need to be converted, such as 1.5 and 2 times. Therefore, this issue will recommend 35mm and 50mm lenses.

Lens recommendation:

In the original lens, I recommend that users of Nikon can consider Nikon AF F1.8d lens, which is known as “human essence” by many fans, comes from the fact that the focal length is close to the human eye, and its optical quality is not very inferior even today. Coupled with the relatively small appearance, it gets its name. Since then, most of the 50mm lens heads have been called “human essence” by fans.


This lens needs the corresponding focusing drive of the body motor. Therefore, this lens can only be used for manual focusing on Nikon’s 5xxx / 3xxx series, which is inconvenient to use. However, for Nikon users of 7xxx series, this lens is a highly recommended and cost-effective one among the original lenses. Nikon’s lens costs about 800 yuan, while it costs about 600 yuan on the second-hand platform.

Nikon AF Nicol 50mm f1.8d real shot sample:


Canon users can consider Canon EF 50mm f / 1.8 STM, which is called “little spittoon”. This lens has its own STM motor and can be used in Canon’s APS-C frame camera. And because of the characteristics of STM motor with lens, this lens can also realize auto focusing on Canon’s entry-level machine, which has a more convenient use experience. And the highest f 1.8 aperture, can also achieve a good virtual effect, and at night can also provide a higher amount of light. The price of this lens is about 850-900 yuan, and the price of second-hand platform is about 500-600 yuan.


In the non original lens, there are not only old players such as Shima, Tenglong and Zeiss, but also new players such as domestic Yongnuo and Zhongyi optics. And some products of domestic manufacturers can achieve high cost performance.

For example, Yongnuo’s yn50 f1.8s, an e-bayonet lens for Sony APS-C, only needs more than half the price of the original factory, so that players can experience the charm of 50mm f1.8 aperture.


On the 35mm lens, Yongnuo also has the yn35 F2 series, which has two kinds of bayonets, Nikon and canon, and can be used by most users. And in this lens, it also comes with a lens motor, so users of Nikon cameras don’t need to worry about focusing.


When the aperture of the highest F2 is turned on, this lens will be slightly meaty, but considering its price is about 600 yuan, compared with the price of most 35mm lenses of the original factory, it is only half. Most users can use it as a training lens. When they have further demand, they will not lose too much if they change a second-hand lens for a new one.

Yongnuo yn35 F2 real photos:


On the M43 camera, Xiaoyi’s previous 42.5mm f1.8 lens is also worth considering. Although the little ant camera has been quiet in the market for a long time, its 42.5mm f1.8 lens really has a good quality. Its own lens motor is fully compatible with the M43 system, so that it can be used in many cameras using the M43 bayonet. The drawback is that it has low intensity and only has full electronic focusing, which may cause inconvenience for some users.



In addition, there may be more cost-effective lenses waiting for us to explore. As for the use of the lens, every photographer has a different view. Maybe every time he presses the shutter, he will have a different mood. On the way of recording, these shots may be a good transition. After the experience, better quality shots will be the next choice. I hope this article is helpful to you, and you are welcome to continue to pay attention to the follow-up content.

Author: Chen Zihong



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