New and mid high end river cruises on the route meet the development year?

&With the improvement of domestic epidemic prevention and control situation and the appearance of new Yangtze River cruise lines, the inland river cruise market has also ushered in a recovery. In fact, the domestic river cruise market in the past was dominated by inbound tourists, but since the outbreak of the epidemic, there have been very few inbound tourists, so domestic cruise operators have to focus on domestic tourists. In the view of industry insiders, it is difficult for outbound cruise ships to recover in the short term, which brings opportunities for the rise of inland cruise ships. However, operators also need to further improve service quality in order to retain consumers.

Restart and add new routes

After nearly four months of suspension, the Yangtze River cruise ship ushered in the spring. On March 25, a reporter from Beijing business daily learned from the relevant person in charge of the Yangtze River cruise that the Yangtze River Cruise had been restarted in mid March and a new route from Chongqing to Wuhan had been added. At the same time, according to CCTV news reports, recently, cruise ships on the Yangtze River ushered in the first flight in the year of the ox, and added three new routes. It can be predicted that the Yangtze River cruise market will usher in a greater recovery this year.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Yangtze River Cruise department, the Yangtze River cruise ship has resumed operation in mid March. However, due to the high enthusiasm of tourists, most of the cruise ships in March and April have been fully reserved, and the reservation of new routes has been scheduled to May and June. At the same time, the person in charge also stressed that in previous years, the route from Chongqing to Shanghai only arranged 1-2 voyages a year, but this year it opened 4 voyages. It can be seen that the demand of tourists for inland river cruise tourism is surging.

Not only that, many cruise ships have added new routes this year. It is reported that compared with the previous ones, many changes have taken place in the ticket price, itinerary and scenic spots involved in these new routes.

Liu Jianping, general manager of Beijing intercontinental Brilliant International Travel Agency Co., Ltd., said that due to the repeated epidemic situation last year, the inland river cruise ships stopped several voyages. However, for now, individual voyages of this year’s inland river cruise ships have begun to charter. The demand of domestic tourists for river cruise is also rising, and the overall situation is still very good. Some industry experts said that due to the epidemic prevention and control and the impact of international travel demand and other factors, from the current situation of the cruise market, the Yangtze River inland cruise also recovered earlier than the sea cruise, and the market is expected to usher in further recovery this year.

Turn to domestic customers

The restart of river cruises seems to be sending a positive signal to the industry. On the other hand, as the overseas epidemic continues, the demand for international travel is declining, which also ushers in an opportunity for the outbreak of the river cruise market. Industry insiders said that the Yangtze River cruise market has been fluctuating. In the past, nearly 80% of the tourists came from overseas, but later only 10% – 20% came from overseas. Especially in recent years, due to the continuous reduction of inbound tourists, the Yangtze River cruise market is also constantly adjusting. Affected by the epidemic, international tourism has almost stopped, and the number of overseas tourists has decreased sharply. The operators of these cruise ships focus on domestic tourists.

Zhou Zhuo, executive director of Meiwei cruise, also said that affected by the epidemic situation, middle and high-end tourists who used to like outbound and sea cruises have obvious signs of returning to the inland river cruise market. According to the data, the tickets for the first “Chongqing Wuhan line” cruise which set sail on April 12 have been sold out, and the cruise in May has been reserved for nearly 80%. Even the cruise in August in the summer has been popular with tourists.

Beijing Business Daily reporter learned that some cruise operators have also made some changes for domestic customers. A person in charge of a Yangtze River Cruise told Beijing business daily, “this year, for example, we launched a brand-new long-term cruise product for domestic tourists. In fact, there used to be this route, but it was not mainly aimed at the domestic market. It was all chartered or customized overseas, and no one paid attention to it in China. Now, almost 100% of them are domestic tourists, so we need to be more close to the domestic customers in terms of services and products. “.

“Recently, all inland river cruise ships have resumed their service. Compared with last year, most of the time they were suspended, this year’s market will be very different. At present, most of the cruise ships have begun to upgrade to meet the needs of tourists who can’t travel abroad for high-end products. Domestic long-term cruise products are used to replace high-end European river cruise products, which is also the demand for tourists to leave the country Transfer to China. ” A Three Gorges cruise company, said the relevant person in charge.

Improving quality is the key

With the increasing attention of tourists to the inland river cruise market, more and more domestic tourists begin to favor the Yangtze River route. However, before that, the river cruise market was uneven, and how to improve the quality and better attract domestic tourists has become a must for the industry.

Wang Xingbin, senior researcher at the China Academy of culture and tourism industry, Beijing International Studies University, said that the products developed by inland waterways are not very balanced at present. In the future, we should actively consider developing more cruise products in different rivers and other places with the same conditions. Besides, we should also rich and colorful activities on cruise ships, and when we stop at one destination, We should make a good plan for tourists to visit.

Not only on the routes, but also on the hardware, many cruise ships have been upgraded to ensure the safety of tourists. “After the outbreak of the epidemic, how to ensure the safety of tourists in the cruise process has also become a top priority.” Liu Jianping further said that many cruise ships have upgraded the fresh air system. After all, the air circulation on cruise ships is the most important. At the same time, in order to deal with the epidemic situation, the entire hull facilities have been adjusted, and the corresponding epidemic prevention and control measures have been implemented. It is essential to get on and off the ship with green code.

Wang Xingbin also said that not only that, in the process of cruise ship driving, but also the shipping technology of cruise ships should be standardized. In this regard, the Ministry of communications should also strengthen the management and operation of cruise ships. At the same time, tourists should also abide by the safety system related to cruise ships, strengthen safety education and safety management, so as to ensure the personal safety of tourists.

It is reported that the “Oriental Star” passenger ship capsized in the rainstorm in June 2015 is a wake-up call to the industry. Such incidents must be avoided in the future.

Industry insiders said that although inland river sightseeing cruise is different from large cruise ships on the sea, it also reveals a signal from the side. With the positive recovery of domestic tourism, cruise products related to water tourism are developing in a positive direction. It is expected that the inland river cruise market will further recover this year.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Guan Zichen intern reporter Wu Qiyun

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