Rumor said rtx3080ti graphics card delayed release again

Recently, foreign media reported that the release of rtx3080ti graphics card will be delayed again, possibly to May. Rtx3080ti has been breaking news since December last year, and there are all kinds of Internet uploads.


I feel that after rtx3080ti comes out, rtx3080 may stop production

I got the news from some friends of graphics card manufacturers that NV will probably launch rtx3080ti graphics card. In addition to this graphics card, NV is also expected to release rtx3070ti graphics card.

There is indeed a big performance gap between rtx3080 and rtx3070, which can be understood by inserting a rtx3070ti in the middle.

At present, the market shortage is very serious. The graphics card shortage crisis caused by mining has destroyed DIY hardware. For the players who have a certain game demand, the author has been suggesting that you can turn your eyes to rtx20 series games these days.

Author: Zhang Fan



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